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  1. Is it possible to move the trophies above the customfields area on the author postbit on topics?
  2. I look forward to seeing what IPS5 brings in regards to themeing. It's certainly been rather messy for me with the current styling scheme and conventions.
  3. Can we please add our own images for shop items? I dont want to be forced to use font awesome. Also, is it possible that purchasing a custom item can trigger a custom rule in the rules application?
  4. I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but what if we dont want to use FA icons for the shop items? Just a little assistance with the following: Is the membersshop_custompurchases" table only for items that are redeemed? How can I have the html appear properly for rewards log?
  5. Could you perhaps show me what it looks like? The screenshots provided on the marketplace only show awards in a tab on the users profile.
  6. Nah as stated above was a setting in moderator's restrictions. New questions: Can you change the image/icon for a custom shop item to be something that isn't in font awesome? Can you have a custom item purchase trigger a custom "automation rule" or is there a way for a custom item purchase to trigger a custom rule?
  7. I have installed the application on my dev environment to test it out, currently its not deducting points for purchases? I can buy anything and theres no points being deducted. Is there additional settings somewhere? Edit: Dont worry I found in docs there's a setting to allow items for free under the moderator group settings.
  8. How does the interest work and can it be configured anywhere? Is there a function available for adding a log item for when I credit points via a php script that I created inside the rules application?
  9. Hi, Is it possible for little icons for each award to be added to a users postbit? I haven't purchased this app and was just wondering about its capabilities. I am currently seeking something that adds the trophies to the postbit also, not just the user profile.
  10. If you don't have a sharer image set for your forum, when you link a topic on a social media site such as facebook, for some reason the image associated to the club is set as the default image, over that of any other. It makes sense though, its the first image picked up in the code as the author component comes before the post content. Is there a way to disable the club image in post container?
  11. This is a great useful plugin, but I am having a rather debilitating issue with it. If I want to allow socials to pick their own og:image from the page, the club enhancement images for the clubs on the post container take precedence over the attached images in the topic. This is a massive flaw in the design when you don't want to force the sharer image in the admin configuration.
  12. Hi, We have a large amount of hidden content on our forums for numerous reasons. I just wanted to request a feature to prune all hidden content after a certain period of time. Cheers.
  13. This unfortunately is still not working as intended for me My only topic in this section is locked and pinned: Furthermore if i change the max amount of topics for administrator to 2 or higher it still returns the above error.
  14. I am running the latest version of IPS, if that matters?
  15. This plugin doesn't work as what I believe is intended. First issue I have is I MUST set a time period, I can simply use the default 'no time limit" The second thing is that it counts locked topics, rather than not counting them.
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