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Resolve an application to a subdomain

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I want to know if its possible to resolve an IPB application to a subdomain rather than as a directory of the parent?

For example: currently i have the community product setup at forum.domain.com and would like the pages application to exist at content.domain.com

Could this work without redirecting?

I manage my own aws server and would imagine i could do it with a virtualhost configuration, but before I go and muddle something up, wanted to check if anyone has done this with success before?

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1 hour ago, Aetherdan said:

Ohh theres a legality issue? How odd...

It's in the EULA.



In consideration for payment of all applicable license fees and subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, IPS grants you a revocable, limited and non-exclusive license to install and use the Software and Services on a single installation, accessible via one URL. Access to services, components, software updates and technical support require an active license. All rights in and to the Software and Services are reserved to the use and benefit of IPS and/or its licensors, successors and assigners.


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A sub domain is technically a different domain. This was debated before in this forum if you are interested to read it, but it is just a fact. 
Of course, IPS could add subdomain support in the future and change the licensing restrictions to reflect that, but at the moment, it is the way it is. 

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