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  1. Hi guys, Previously (before 4.5 update) i was using the rules & automation application to deduct post count when a topic/post was "hidden", and then reinstate it was it was "unhidden" Does anyone know if this functionality is feasible without using that application? (Not sure that its going to be updated for the new software, as i can not see it available on marketplace)
  2. Could we get this updated for latest version? Its certainly not working for me.
  3. Admin CP isnt letting me sign into marketplace to upgrade addons and plugins and such. In fact the layout is all scuffed: In the past you could clear cache with the support tool, but that doesnt seem to work anymore. Also you used to be able to set the admincp theme, is that deprecated? Having a few issues after the update, have disabled all addons and plugins but in particular, permissions dont seem to be working at all? Also when you click on links, it just appends the url params with #actionName
  4. Follow only blog posts by a specific author. Not forum posts. This is also a great suggestion This is what I ended up going in the end anyway.
  5. Heres some missing features that I think would be essential to a good blogging product. Categories and nested categories Author following (specific to blog) Blog Navigation & internal linking Meta keyword/tagging to populate related article functionality Author blog profile/author blog list
  6. Thanks, I've actually started this process already when I noticed the limitations. Cheers for the insight though!
  7. So, I just purchased the blog application for our community, and was rather disappointed by the lack of functionality available. Sure, you can create multiple blogs, but what about adding categories to those blog groups? Category functionality and navigation is huge for blogging products. Is this something we can expect to see in coming updates?
  8. I have created a new blank theme via the theme editor, no changes whatsoever have been made, and the styling in the who's online widget doesn't look anything like yours. It certainly doesn't have the + signs either. Is there some other configuration required? Did my upgrade fail? As you can see the group styling works everywhere else. EDIT: I just realised I'm using a plugin because I wanted last 24 hours...... thanks!
  9. What about in the case of the whosonline widget? It no longer has any formatting associated to the username since the latest update.
  10. I wish that was helpful, but its not the same for the cases where userLinkFromData is used instead of userLink, such as in the whos online widget.
  11. The group formatting doesn't appear to be working for any of my communities after the 4.4 update. I assume it's related to an error in the userLinkFromData template file. I have fiddled around with it and have no success. It's probably worth noting that the userLink template is still working fine. Any suggestions on a fix? Cheers!
  12. Is it possible to move the trophies above the customfields area on the author postbit on topics?
  13. I have been searching for an answer to this question also. I assume that it's not possible, due to lack of response.
  14. I look forward to seeing what IPS5 brings in regards to themeing. It's certainly been rather messy for me with the current styling scheme and conventions.
  15. Can we please add our own images for shop items? I dont want to be forced to use font awesome. Also, is it possible that purchasing a custom item can trigger a custom rule in the rules application?
  16. Thanks guys, much appreciated! The answer has certainly assisted me.
  17. I have been trying to understand the various classes available with this product and I've recently stumbled across settings. Where is the data accessed from?
  18. I know this might be a bit of a stretch, but what if we dont want to use FA icons for the shop items? Just a little assistance with the following: Is the membersshop_custompurchases" table only for items that are redeemed? How can I have the html appear properly for rewards log?
  19. Could you perhaps show me what it looks like? The screenshots provided on the marketplace only show awards in a tab on the users profile.
  20. Nah as stated above was a setting in moderator's restrictions. New questions: Can you change the image/icon for a custom shop item to be something that isn't in font awesome? Can you have a custom item purchase trigger a custom "automation rule" or is there a way for a custom item purchase to trigger a custom rule?
  21. I have installed the application on my dev environment to test it out, currently its not deducting points for purchases? I can buy anything and theres no points being deducted. Is there additional settings somewhere? Edit: Dont worry I found in docs there's a setting to allow items for free under the moderator group settings.
  22. Im just trying to get my head around the namespaces and how to use them. How would I go about loading the post comment object? Am I close? $post = \IPS\Content\Item::load( pid ); pid is obviously being the post id. Also is there any documentation for seeking the namespace classes and what methods are available to each of them?
  23. How does the interest work and can it be configured anywhere? Is there a function available for adding a log item for when I credit points via a php script that I created inside the rules application?
  24. Hi, Is it possible for little icons for each award to be added to a users postbit? I haven't purchased this app and was just wondering about its capabilities. I am currently seeking something that adds the trophies to the postbit also, not just the user profile.
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