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  1. Hi @InvisionHQ - Great app. Just purchased. Is it possible to add a bulk invite option? Invite entire Groups?
  2. Appears to be the In-Article Ads causing the overlay issue. I have everything else turned on for auto ads. If my experiment shows any other result, will let you know.
  3. Nice. My steps above will allow you to place ads anywhere, but it would definitely take a bit more work. The Custom Location Keys are the key. Once you create those, you can even add to the HTML templates yourself. I do this for the Auto Ads since the code has to be placed in the <head></head> tags.
  4. . Yes, a plugin might make this all an easier process. BTW, love newbie LAC's plugins, though I don't have that particular one installed. I cannot stress enough the value of having his Ad After X Posts plug-in. Allows you to place ads anywhere you choose on the pages with posts. Makes a massive difference in ad revenue relative to whatever you make before that. With 1000+ concurrent users....dayum...that would be nice. I'm at 100-200 concurrent depending on the season.
  5. Gotcha. To use IPS to run AdSense, I followed the below steps. Even if it does not help you, this guide will hopefully help others who are looking to monetize using AdSense (or any other advertisement platform, since the steps will likely be the same). Google AdSense Setup an AdSense account Either enable Auto Ads or create your own ad units via AdSense console Copy the code provided. Note, each ad unit will have its own unique code. This is important for reporting later on; to understand which ad units perform better/worse than others IPS > AdminCP > Advertisements In AdminCP, navigate to System > Advertisements "+Create New" (top right) a new unit to correspond with the ad units created in the AdSense console Copy the respective code provided from the AdSense console to your new IPS ad unit in the IPS console IPS gives you options for page placement. I always select "Define Your Own Locations" because it gives you maximum control over placement Give your ad unit a unique "Custom Location Key". Each ad unit needs a custom location key name IPS > AdminCP > Pages In AdminCP, navigate to Pages > Blocks Create New Block > Custom Block > Manual HTML In the Details tab, give your new block a unique name and then move to Content tab Add code <center><div>{advertisement="Custom Location Key Name"}</div></center> replacing Custom Location Key Name with the one you chose earlier Save In original or new window, open the Block Manager and add your new block wherever you want the ad to appear on your page(s) Hope this helps, but please provide feedback and I will update as requested. I can definitely add more (way more 😉 ) details if anyone thinks it would be useful.
  6. Right. If I have to, I will turn off In Article and In Feed ads. Those aren't as important to me. So many clicks are accidental, which is why I like the anchor ads on mobile. Stinks to have to admit it, but the more intrusive the better, especially when an Ad Free experience is offered as an option. Another tip - As I said above, accidental clicks are a big part of CTR, especially on message boards where repeat users are more likely to have ad blindness as noted by @Sonya* above. I have noticed that the page loading is slower and bouncy whenever Tweets are linked and auto-formatted within posts. The more tweets which have to load on a page, the better the chance you can get someone to accidentally click an ad. Again, I feel dirty admitting this is a practice, but if you read up on it...it's all part of the ugly business of monetization.
  7. Hi - Think I mentioned in the OP, but maybe it was confusing. I use a mixture of manually placed (asynchronous?) tags AND auto ads. The particular Auto Ads I like are the mobile anchors, which stick to the top/bottom of pages. They are highly annoying and obtrusive 👹. I also have Vignettes enabled but I've never seen them in action. And lastly, I have either the In Feed or In Article ads enabled. One of these causes the issue identified in your linked thread, where the ads overlay the actual text in the posts. The other nicely and conveniently places ads within the content of longer posts. The other, I disabled via Google's settings to stop the overlay issue from occurring. Does this help? Hi Sonya - Thank you for sharing your experience RE: CTR. This is helpful and makes sense. May I ask how you are using AdSense? Via Auto Ads? Would you like me to just explain exactly, in steps, how I am manually placing ads using custom keys?
  8. I see a smattering of Adsense related threads in the community, but no one resource which community owners and other interested parties can reference when it comes to the optimization of Invision community specific Adsense monetization. Figure it is only fair to share some of the details of my specific community. Mods, I am unintentionally about to plug my forum (which I'm sure is against posting policy), but I am doing so only because numerous literature I have consulted identifies forum subject matter as of material relevance both in the optimization of Adsense monetization. I run the 33andrain Community, a forum for weather professionals and hobbyists to discuss important weather related topics. Since December 2016, we have over 1.5 million page views, so we've been able to grow fairly significantly since launching. Specific stats RE: ads: We started running Adsense ads in November 2017. Today, our ads are a mixture of manually placed ad units and Adsense auto ad governed page level ad units. IPS Support has been an invaluable resource as I implemented my ads strategy. Thank you! Ads are served using IPS's powerful built-in tools (Advertisements set with custom placement keys, and Blocks added using the Block Manager. Auto Ads are done the same way, with the custom location being added directly under the <head> tags of the globalTemplate HTML if each of my themes. If you have any questions about how I do this, please ask and I'll be happy to explain in more detail On my own (later supported by what I found here) I ascertained that optimal ad placement -- meaning the location where I received the highest # of impressions, clicks and CTR -- is just before and after the last post of each thread. I accomplish this by using @newbie LAC's incredible plugin -- (NB40) Ads After X Posts -- probably the most single most valuable plug-in available in the Marketplace given the research I did confirming optimal ad placement. Note I also have ads in the global header and sidebars to maximize above-the-fold impressions, but clicks for those are notably less than the ones wrapping posts I offer an Ad Free monthly or seasonal membership to members using IPS's Store application. Purchase of the Ad Free plan automatically puts users into a specific Group which does not see any of the ad units. Where I struggle, and where I am hoping the community can knowledge share on best practices, is in maximizing those click throughs and the overall CTR. Mine is low...very low compared to average. Only .3-.4%. Apparently, should be 2-3%! So, I am not even coming close to maximizing monetization opportunity, despite all the research and relative success I have had. This is where I open up to discussion. Does anyone have any tips? Are there specific URLs you ad to your Adsense block lists, which have particularly low CTR? I have seen numerous lists online, but who knows how these are sourced (e.g., Ad publishers would have very different priorities and motivations than site operators) or if these lists even work? Are there any other optimizations you have implemented, either/or IPS and Google, which have been successful for you? Would love to get a discussion going.
  9. The Google Auto Ad issue with ads overlaying text in the posts...occurring for me as well. Where did we land on this issue? Is it a google issue and there is no fix? I don't need the ads inside of posts anyway. Just like the mobile anchors and vignettes. Shame they killed the ability to add separately as page level.
  10. @newbie LAC, I have lost track of the number of great plugins you've developed. It's been my pleasure to support your work by purchasing each of them. Question regarding this plugin. Is the change to pinned topic order sticky, or does it reset the filter once someone adds a reply to another pinned thread. Hope that makes sense. Edit - Think I just answered my own question. Seems your plugin takes over the pin ordering completely. Excellent. Purchased and love it.
  11. Thanks. Have a question...will post it in the relevant support group.
  12. @newbie LAC, question. Is there a way to utilize this plugin (which I purchased) to have a pinned pinned topic? So, have 5 pinned topics, but one, which would have priority and always appear at the top of the pinned list of topics, even if not the last pinned topic updated.
  13. Will send you a PM. Really appreciate the support.
  14. Indeed it is! Any chance you can look into that further? No rush. And I will completely understand if you say no since it is an issue with a third party theme. ?
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