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  1. Thank you for sharing this information. #1 was easy enough to fix. Will look further into #2. #3 and #4 worry me considerably. I can't even begin to imagine how I would fix an F rating. I know some HTML and JS, but not intimately. I have a lot of 3rd party apps and plugins installed; I'm sure that is leading to many of the issues.
  2. Fluid view shows the topic creator’s avatar but I’d like the option to show the avatar and/or name of the last updating poster as well. Many of my topics are active for months. Who last updated it is more important than who started it. Is anyone familiar with a plugin to address this? Appreciate it!
  3. Ugh. Happening obv to me as well. Thankful it’s been reported here and that a ticket has been filed with Twitter. Who knows if/when this might be resolved though. Results in a bad user experience. Wonder if there’s anything Invision can do in their CSS to override?
  4. @newbie LAC, I have lost track of the number of great plugins you've developed. It's been my pleasure to support your work by purchasing each of them. Question regarding this plugin. Is the change to pinned topic order sticky, or does it reset the filter once someone adds a reply to another pinned thread. Hope that makes sense. Edit - Think I just answered my own question. Seems your plugin takes over the pin ordering completely. Excellent. Purchased and love it.
  5. Thanks. Have a question...will post it in the relevant support group.
  6. @newbie LAC, question. Is there a way to utilize this plugin (which I purchased) to have a pinned pinned topic? So, have 5 pinned topics, but one, which would have priority and always appear at the top of the pinned list of topics, even if not the last pinned topic updated.
    Great plug-in. Does exactly what it says it will do for Primary groups. Developer promptly responded to a technical issue I had upon initial setup (same day!). Developer also committed to enabling support for Secondary groups as well. Functional plugin with solid developer support...what more can you ask for? Thank you.
    This is one of the best plugins I have found in this Marketplace. Does exactly what it says it does and the developer provides stellar customer service to ensure the functionality meets your specific needs. Very impressive work!
  7. Will send you a PM. Really appreciate the support.
  8. Indeed it is! Any chance you can look into that further? No rush. And I will completely understand if you say no since it is an issue with a third party theme. ?
  9. Thanks. My apologies for missing this exchange in my research. I am still not having any luck and I am sure I am just doing something silly. Would appreciate your assistance. Attached are my settings for the plugin now, however by going here, you can see I am still not seeing the ad after the last post in the thread. I am trying to show an ad after the first post of each page, and then an ad before the last post in each thread.
  10. I've opened up Guest viewing - https://www.33andrain.com/forum/51-teleconnections-research-portal/ Please let me know how else I can support.
  11. @newbie LAC, another terrific plugin, thank you. At least conceptually for me as I cannot get it working just yet. Hoping you can help. From the screenshots, you can see I have setup a custom ad key and am attempting to call it using your plugin. Nothing is showing on my topic listing page, even sample "text" text. Any ideas? FYI, the Ads after [x] Posts plugin works fine for me.
  12. Hi @newbie LAC. Pretty awesome plug-in, thank you! Can you please elaborate on what "I" does in the plug-in pid settings? Also, I am trying to make it so an ad appears just before the last updated/added post in a thread, regardless of position. For direct links to the last updated post in a thread, I can directly link to the thread with "?do=getNewComment" appended to the query string.
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