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  1. Don't waste your time. If you are serious about crypto investment. Go with ripple (Xrp). it was hit 10$ in 3 years, is being rolled out as a transaction processor to banks. The other crypto will burst and fail. Don't even bother with them. Trust me! Besides. This is the year they bring about the one world currency. A $ ain't going to be worth much in 7-8 months I don't think.
  2. Yeah thumbnail generation is not working, and when it is there are loading issues with trying to fetch images and failing. I've switched to manually uploading now. So it's ok
  3. Still having issues. Is there a way I can edit a template to just include a picture of a link as default? and not bother with all this.
  4. None of the thumbnail generators work now. except maybe the paid one. Not sure.
  5. Oh. Thanks. Could be IPS related then. I just assumed since it only affects the embeds on databases. Tested with another blank database... Confirmed. Ips related. Thanks for the confirm. Sorry to bother you
  6. I've located a bug. Don't think it's anything I've done. Could you check it yourself for me. When posting a link to a record within a topic. Url structure of my url below! https://www.**.com/knowledgebase/guideline-definitions/no-advertising-r63/ It embeds correctly. But clicking it takes you to a new page ?do=embed query instead of taking you to the content.
  7. I'm unable to save settings! re-install fixed it!
  8. Hey mike, It's been a while since I've asked about recurring donations being taken through your app. I've got members wanting it every other week now. Do you have plans to add it any time soon?
  9. I was way too tired when I wrote the bugs. I've gone over what issues I had and answered you below. Hopefully this helps. From the yt image thumbnail I believe. it was coming in as http on the page. As when I checked unsecure parts that image was the only part http. (Easily fixed it by changing the http to https is the xml file though) Oh replication on this one! With Ajax pagination on: switch between pages with videos on on the page you land on, They fail to load with playable image on them and click to youtube With Ajax pagination off, The above does not happen and they load fine. with it either on or off, if you enter a thread and post a video. The post will be added to the thread but the video within the post will not be playable and will take you to youtube if clicked until you refresh the page. Seems to be an issue with ajax auto loading the posts in and the videos failing onto the non javascript backup, Logic wise that seems to be the issue.
  10. Videos seems to sometimes randomly play in the background also! Edit: Never-mind. Uninstalling.
  11. Actually to expand on this their are other issues. For some reason the videos 50% load with the image and play button! 50% of the time they do not. It's a mix on one page sometimes. This is also the cause for videos not being playable after posting and them merging into posts. I've also encountered issues with people quoting videos and those videos quotes being a squashed image that is unclickable. Kinda annoying and a touch messy. I know you get busy but I'm sure you can do something? I think it has something to do with being ajax loaded? this can't be turned off in some places.... Hope you can do something.
  12. also after posting a video, and the post merging in after send clicking the video takes you to youtube? Can it be made to play inside without a page refresh? As it's kind of annoying. I'm using 4.2
  13. A button to toggle between http and non https would be nice in the plugin setting. I was able to make it work by changing http to https within the xml! I was getting a browser ssl warning but all is good now. I imagine others on ssl only might have this issue too.
  14. Good to know you will take a look at it for a future version. Can't wait to update to 4.2 and then this app too very pleased with it.
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