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  1. Netherlord

    Do not load all emojis by default

    Same here, But even that is problematic for me with custom emoticons ? I have so many images. Since they switched the emoticon window to display all images in all categories on first load rather than just a few rows from each category, It's buggy and slowed down for me. Well I'm not removing emoticons. And I ain't looking for solutions. ? so members can use short codes. Not a big worry I guess.
  2. Netherlord

    Do not load all emojis by default

    They need to make add a toggle for how many to display per category. That way everyone is satisfied. Loading way too many emoticons made the window pretty meh.
  3. One thing I learned running my site is to not be that guy ?
  4. Netherlord

    Can you detail these cookies?

    As opentype said. However that's only for language strings in the template. If you want to edit the actual cookie page you can search 'cookies' in the template editor. Also here are some of the cookies not included in the default cookie page explained. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/developing-plugins-and-applications/introduction-to-the-ips-framework/common-cookies-set-by-the-suite-r16/
  5. Netherlord

    Can you detail these cookies?

    Thank you for these!
  6. Being transparent about all the cookies we set on our site, Some of the ones I found here but there are some I cannot find descriptions for and need to find details on. Would the staff be able to tell me what these cookies do? I could guess but I want to be accurate. ips4_clubs_view ips4_device_key ips4_emojiSkinTone ips4_forums_flowIds ips4_recentEmoji ips4_IPSSessionSetup
  7. Netherlord

    Your GDPR questions answered

    Wish I could figure it all out... Gonna have to do so. 10 days!
  8. Netherlord

    Enable Messenger

    Thank you ryan. I had never noticed it there before. Thanks though. This helps clear things up for me.
  9. Netherlord

    Enable Messenger

    First of all I apologize If I've missed something in the software here but from what I can tell. A user can disable their messenger in their messenger window. But they cannot re-enable it anywhere. This would make sense if an admin has disabled it due to abuses. But can we get a way for members to re-enable messenger if they disable it themselves?
  10. Netherlord

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I tweaked mine some more. Because adsense cut my ads over the dropdown menu's. Turned out better than what I had so thanks google for being that person I dislike... https://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/
  11. A trusted friend recommended you to me and said it would be great if my taste was for something more professional... I dipped straight in early 4.0 and have not regretted that decision. Great work from the team here.
  12. Netherlord

    4.3: Commerce Subscription Manager

    Now this was something I keep meaning to ask about but I see you addressed it wohoo!
  13. A choice to opt out of "new device login" emails is something my users keep asking for. Specifically those users who clear cookies daily or use browser plugins that interfere. This could stop them complaining?? Good idea? bad?
  14. This is extremely annoying yes...
  15. Netherlord

    4.3: Express yourself with Emoji

    I cannot wait to see how this causes racism on my board could be challenging... Not going to lie!