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  1. Yes it works for ips 4.4 I just forgot to select 4.4 option in the marketplace :x Thanks for letting me know 🙂
  2. Could be that twitter embeds then, the app shows no errors on my side with all the default blocks added
  3. Hello, Have you added any custom blocks? it could be due to this, im not responsible of your custom advanced footer blocks 🙂 of course the errors show that it comes from advanced footer but it does not mean that the issue is with the advanced footer. If you still have issues with it, then please send me a message or explain and let me know what are errors or issues you have with advanced footer so i can take a look.
  4. If these are the "A different article styles" addon then yes, it needs to be updated and i haven't update them yet in marketplace
  5. Hello, You need to revert this template back to default if no hope then this probably means one of your apps or plugins causes the error and you need to check it out
  6. Then this means one of your plugins or app causes the error Please disable all apps and plugins to check If still no hope, send me a message with a login info to access themes page I can check it out for you 🙂
  7. Hello, You seem to have modified this template. To fix that you would need to revert the template back to default or reinstall the theme
  8. @JustHatched, @kaos00723 I just re-updated the files in marketplace, delete the current clan wars template then re upload the new one when you download, everything should work fine now. the problem was, I thought Pages app templates are automatically updated just like themes templates, but i guess its not. i was required to rebuild all the templates. Sorry for the delay Thanks
  9. Yep 🙂 I will update the files today or maybe in a couple hours Thanks.
  10. .ta_Logo { text-align: left; } add in custom.css
  11. No wonder its all fine on my side I will check it out later and if it is a bug in ips 4.4 pages app i will report it 🙂
  12. ok, I will triple check again later 🙂
  13. Is that Forum description? this might be because in the editor you are using a white text background Just edit the text and remove the background. topic background? the color setting for that is located in Topic view. Its not like this by default tho, you seem to have changed the colors
  14. Please follow the Documentation on how to update You must delete all the old clan wars template and then re-upload the new one. just go in the templates section in acp and delete clan wars template, you might have a bunch of clan wars template just delete all and then install fresh new one Because I double checked and everything works fine. if you still have issues after deleting all the old templates then please send me a message i can check it out for you. 🙂
  15. i will check it out later. thanks for pointing it out 😉
  16. Where is that exactly? A topic widget or topics list? and have you checked if the same thing happens on default ips theme? 🙂
  17. mmmm, Does not happen on my side I will check it out again later please be patient 🙂 Thanks.
  18. VERSION -1.0.1: Support for IPS 4.4.x How to update? You only need to delete the old template and then re-Upload it again. If you dont know how then please view the Update section in the documentation file 🙂
  19. Send me a login info i can check it out
  20. Everything works fine here. Please check the settings, blocks, and permissions...etc
  21. Yea just update your site After that download latest Magnum theme in marketplace and update the theme 🙂
  22. ckeditor icons needed to be updated for ips 4.4 and i have fixed it on the current version in marketplace. If you still have issues with the theme, Please send me a message and explain the issue a little bit more, also maybe a login info to check your website. (Admin login is not required)
  23. VERSION -1.2.4: Support for IPS 4.4.x How to update? Use ( Upload a new Version ) 
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