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  1. Everything is fixed now. I also updated the demo site, and disabled the snow and Christmas options 🙂
  2. Yes these effects can be turned on and off in the theme settings. Yep, Im aware of that. this happened after the new IPS version and will be fixed by tomorrow. Behemoth theme does not have this issue tho 🙂 Thanks
  3. This was a bug in IPS marketplace, I thought it was fixed 😕 anyway, I will try to reupload them another time Thank you.
  4. Hello, If you were on a very old version and recently updated the theme then you might want check the slider permissions Each slider you enable has a permission to set like the image below
  5. If its a editor widget then you might want to change the text color when you type or if you have copy pasted the text then you might need to remove the formatting @We are Borg The problem is that you have pasted all these text in editor without removing the formatting and the styles so what you need to do here is re copy paste your documents in editor and then remove the formatting by clicking the paste as plain text instead 🙂
  6. Sorry I dont understand your question! Whats the issue?
  7. I mean where is this pluign ? what is it in the page and where is it 🙂
  8. And where do you have this plugin in your site so i can take a look in the codes ? https://www.fierceteam.com/
  9. Well, could be css conflict. you can check which one causes the issue by disabling the plugins and apps one by one. or simply ignore it and leave the code i gave you in custom.css 🙂 But i would really like to know which plugin or app causes the css conflict lol
  10. You haven't edited anything in the theme css files? the clan wars css styles arent same as default they look have been edited 😕 This has been deleted in your side .cw_Team, .cw_teamOpponent, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_teamLogo, .cw_vsWrap, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_VS, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_VS > span, .cw_date .cw_d-time, .cw_recordDisplay .cw_teamName { display: inline-block; } Add that in custom.css and see if it works if it works then that means the clan wars plugin css is still modified and you need to revert the css templates or remove the plugin and then reinstall it again
  11. Hi, Try to reinstall the plugin only the plugin. you do not need to touch anything in Pages app. You might have accidentally deleted some codes in the plugin css file in theme templates 🙂
  12. Hi, What are these Images and Banners are you talking about? are they from a plugin/application or where do they come from? Please do 🙂
  13. The theme is %100 fully functional with IPS 4.4.3 But you might have edited theme templates which in this case the theme might be outdated for you only and you would need to either revert your changes OR reinstall the theme. - Also, have you tested if everything works correctly in default IPS theme? and have you tested if a plugin/application causes the error?
  14. Hello, Sorry its not possible try to ask IPS about that or add your post here Feedback and Ideas
  15. Hi, What banner? I do not use any banners in the theme If you mean the slider image and the slider button then Its not possible sorry 🙂
  16. Hi, $30 is one time 🙂 Renewal is always $10 for 6 months and it is optional, you can renew the theme or not any time after the expiration or 1300px is always the best 🙂
  17. Hi, 🙂 There are no banners and other kind of images used in this theme, this theme has only one image upload field and it is the body background image and im sure it works without any problems. you need to check where are these images and banners comes from because its not from the theme.
  18. Hello, This is not a error comes from this theme. if it does then it is only on your side and you should either revert your template edits or reinstall the theme. If you haven't edited any templates in this theme, then disable all apps and plugins to see which one causes this error
  19. Hello, You could edit the html codes and add a text then with css customzie it. However, I cant help you with that, you need to do it on your own
  20. You can have two copies of the theme installed, and rename them however you want. dark and light. then users can change your site theme from bottom of the site to whichever they want 🙂
  21. There is a custom tickers field in the settings. just add the link in there like so <a href="https://twitter.com" rel="external" target="_blank">My Twitter</a>
  22. Not possible sorry, maybe on next theme update. I cant promise you tho. any problems?
  23. You can with css force the image to always show the full size like so .ta_themeSlider .swiper-slide .slide-bg { background-size: contain; } thats the only solution
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