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    This theme lives up to it's name with its bold colors, sharp edges and overall professional yet dramatically subtle appeal. Not to mention how easy it is to configure and modify to your choosing which makes this one of my favorite themes on the marketplace!
  1. There is a 3rd party application that supports this called Secondary Group Icons by @newbie LAC. Hope this helps!
  2. This feature has indeed been removed in 4.0 but not to fear as their is an application that restores this functionality called Member & Staff tools by @fosters. Hope this helps!
  3. You can allow .MP3 extension in ACP -> Posting but you wouldn't be able to play music straight from IP.Downloads. You can, however, use Musicbox by @onlyME which will give you a great platform to share and listen to music.
  4. It looks like you do not have the php extension mysqli enabled or installed. Are you using a portable mysql server or MSSQL? Either way you need to enable mysqli.
  5. @pequeno I am unsure exactly but I'd recommend running the task clearcache or manually deleting the cache in your /public_html/datastore or in your database depending on where you've configured it to be stored.
  6. I faced this same dilemma with my board as I had a custom field to inquire on how they found us. The best solution for this is to use Required Info by @onlyME. This allows you to force the member after registration to complete said fields before they have access to your site. This will exclude members who registered manually. Hope this helps!
  7. Sorry for the delayed response! There is a 3rd party extension that allows you to ban certain members out of certain forums which is essentially what you're seeking.
  8. There's a few things that can be occurring but don't be alarmed as this is normal. (1) The polling process or "Task" has yet to be triggered. This is an automatic task and will be sent off according to your task processing method. (2) Your browser is showing you cached content. Clear your browser cache.
  9. Whilst IPS does not provide support for 3rd party applications they do, however, provide support if anything were to come awry caused by 3rd party. They just don't support the application itself. As far as legitimacy all submissions are analysed by ISP staff before it is approved and available on the marketplace but you should always use caution when installing and using 3rd party content. From experience I've used hundreds of 3rd party applications and extensions and the worst thing I've come across is some pretty bad interfaces. As far as implementing 3rd party ideas into their software it's usually the ones that have the most frequent requests and is rarely done as it's essential to keep their software lightweight *I would hope so anyways.* Hope this helps!
  10. I'm waiting for the option to disable file versions per category!
  11. What an interesting... Username. Have you tried looking into console to see if it's throwing any 403 or 404s? EDIT I tried and successfully embedded a random soundcloud link on my board and also noticed it went through a rigorous caching phase so with that being said I also recommend clearing browser cache.
  12. http://static.losdurosdelgenero.com/ is loading fine for me.
  13. @marklcfc assuming everything is configured properly the board will no longer point to www.domain.com/forums so if a member with an old cache visits the website it will, by default, redirect them from www.domain.com to www.domain.com/forum where your 301 where then redirect them back to www.domain.com which will also force their browser to recache which will then no longer redirect them to www.domain.com/forum If my theory is correct this should work flawlessly.
  14. Were you using a 301 redirect from www.domain.com to www.domain.com/forums ? Reverting back can cause some caching issues but by simply reversing your 301 will fix this issue. Redirect www.domain.com/forums to www.domain.com/
  15. @Chris027 With custom blocks you pose the risk of said persons adding an html redirect or just completely defacing your website using html/php scripts. Let's double check your permissions. 1) In your ACP navigate to Members -> Moderators 2) Go through every group listed and ensure Can manage sidebar? permission node is toggled off. Do this for every group that shouldn't have said access. Once that's done there's really nothing more you can do. The error was generated after a permission_denied event which clearly indicates said member has no permissions. He was either being curious or it was a member with block management access whom logged out.
  16. This was most likely triggered by said guest adding the php function trigger on your url: www.yourdomain.com/?_blockManager=1 Few possibilities A curious crawler This may of been triggered by you while in the block manager. This happens when your cookies are removed or expire. Check the IP to confirm this. This also could of been a malicious attempt by a member but regardless this doesn't really pose an inanimate threat unless you have custom blocks. I suggest just double checking the IP of the guest who triggered it. Could of been an accident or as said above a curious crawler.
  17. @LinkMania worked perfectly! I had 9GB of orphaned content which is insane on any scale. Before anyone else attempts this I highly recommend making a backup of your uploads folder. What I did was I made a new file system and named it storage then proceeded to change everything to that file type. Once everything was moved I purged the uploads folder and then switched it back. Important 3rd party applications will not move automatically so be sure to move it manually or just ignore it when removing the orphaned content.
  18. @Gabriel Torres This feature still could be useful out of the box.
  19. Here's a few small features I've been thinking about that should really be considered out of the box. 1) Redirect guests to login page when no permission is triggered instead of showing an error page. 2) Make 404 error inline instead of plain text. 3) Add the option to disable file versions per category in ip.downloads. 4) Add biggest contributor (Posts, Uploads and Engagements) option to leaderboard instead of just most liked content. 5) Add option to grant complementary time to nexus host accounts without having to adjust expiration date and excluding grace period. (If client is expired and has used their grace period an option to grant x amount of days without having to adjust the principle expiration date.) 6) Restore the prune orphaned content (Attachments, file uploads, profile photos, profile headers, etc..) or make it into a task.
  20. @LinkMania I'll give it a shot.
  21. In 3.0 there were tools to delete orphaned uploads such as profile photos, file uploads and attachments but I see nothing similar in 4.0. Is this built in or was it overlooked? My uploads folder is nearing 20gb and I would like to see if I cannot get in there and scrub old content out.
  22. You guys are definitely not playing around with 4.2
  23. Who doesn't want a community inside of a community?!
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