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  1. Did you apply the update of this app that brings 4.4 compatibility? You should check if app's version is 3.2.0 😉
  2. Yes, but I didn't test the update of the app that @Kevin Carwile just published today 😉 I supposed that the update should fix the problem that I fixed with the temporary solution that I provided.
  3. An update is published now: I didn't test it right now but should be ok I think!
  4. I don't know if you found a temporary fix at this time but for anyone else that may have this problem until a patch is published: This is due to a constant that doesn't exists anymore in IPS 4.4 : Error: Undefined constant 'IPS\HTMLENTITIES' After checking, in the file init.php (v 4.3.6): 'HTMLENTITIES' => ENT_DISALLOWED, // @deprecated and will be removed in 4.4 The fix: Edit the file applications/advancedtagsprefixes/hooks/formatPrefix.php and replace (2 places): \IPS\HTMLENTITIES by ENT_DISALLOWED and run the support tools to clear the cache.
  5. Probably a problem with their elasticsearch server?
  6. I don’t see any issue at this time.
  7. Hello, I would like to know where I can have informations about classes that are deleted in updates (for example the class NumberRange was deleted in one of update but I can't find this information anywhere). Can you please try to give more informations to developers about your changes in each update?
  8. Are you working with dev mode? If yes, maybe you can try to disable it?
  9. 05 September 2017. This topic exists since 27 May, and still not one improvement actually. I don't know what I should do to be heard, but it's actually annoying to manage this page (without speaking about the fact that this page takes more than 30 seconds to load because all locations are loaded...). So let's try this: @Lindy @Rikki ?
  10. Have you example of special chars? Because I tried to delete some test tags on my forum (version 4.2.2) and it works fine.
  11. A solution, like Facebook or Twitter, doing it in background and send an email when the archive is ready with a link to download it.
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