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  1. Unless I'm missing something...have you tried scrolling down in the font size box?
  2. You don't - that's the full CKEditor package. You download individual plugin zip files: https://ckeditor.com/cke4/addon/table
  3. Because the need for something in one environment doesn't mean it is needed in all environments.
  4. Note the word 'create'... It's not there because it isn't needed...unless you need to create it and add to it. So...create one.
  5. Nope - it's a user group level control, not a moderator restriction control.
  6. Did you follow the provided instructions for inserting the required code into your database templates? If you need assistance on doing that, or a verification that what you have added is correctly done, then I'll need access to your site's ACP to check the templates.
  7. An easy way to answer this would be to download the developer tools and check if they still exist in those. If they do, don't remove them. If they don't, delete away. Also - maybe the "Unique to this theme" filter on the template listing answers the question?
  8. It works fine but it's not going to be getting any further updates - and I highly doubt that it does do what you are trying to do, so it's not an option at all.
  9. Just popped up on my local dev install... DELETE FROM `core_contact_verify` WHERE verify_time<IPS\DateTime::__set_state(array( 'date' => '2023-08-05 12:02:03.826529', 'timezone_type' => 3, 'timezone' => 'UTC', )) IPS\Db\Exception: Truncated incorrect INTEGER value: '8/5/2023 12:02' (1292) #0 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\system\Db\Db.php(1297): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('/*ips_47_dev_c:...', Array) #1 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\applications\core\tasks\cleanup.php(336): IPS\_Db->delete('core_contact_ve...', Array) #2 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\system\Task\Task.php(274): IPS\core\tasks\_cleanup->execute() #3 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\applications\core\modules\admin\settings\advanced.php(751): IPS\_Task->run() #4 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\system\Dispatcher\Controller.php(107): IPS\core\modules\admin\settings\_advanced->runTask() #5 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\applications\core\modules\admin\settings\advanced.php(38): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #6 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\system\Dispatcher\Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\core\modules\admin\settings\_advanced->execute() #7 C:\wamp64\www\dev\ips_47_dev_c\admin\index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #8 {main} The task's last action is: /* Delete Contact Us Verifications older than a month */ \IPS\Db::i()->delete( 'core_contact_verify', array( "verify_time<?", \IPS\DateTime::create()->sub( new \DateInterval( 'P30D' ) ) ) ); Needs a "->getTimestamp()"
  10. Here's what I would do based on the currently available functionality. Set the task to run every minute In your execute(), check if the time is 5pm If it is then proceed with the rest of the code If not, then do nothing.
  11. Make use of the ability to publish in the future: Set a date, work away on the content, and then publish it when ready.
  12. The widget count is just a SQL query - it's not a figure that is recalculated as and when something is done: /* fetch only successful registered members ; if this needs to be changed, please review the other areas where we have the name<>? AND email<>? condition */ $where = array( 'completed=?', true ); /* Member count */ $stats['member_count'] = \IPS\Db::i()->select( 'COUNT(*)', 'core_members', $where )->first(); Which is: SELECT count(*) from core_members WHERE completed = TRUE; Got a tonne of validating members? Maybe show what search criteria was used for the search result? (To be clear how you got there)
  13. Well, I mistakingly made the assumption that hadn't worked for you...
  14. More specifically than the generic "clear your cache"... If using Chrome, clear "Cookies and other site data" If using Firefox, you can delete a specific site's data...
  15. Cookie = 2K of data. Multi-quoting your post there = 1,162 characters alone. {"forums-forums-2951956":{"userid":35662,"username":"Nathan Explosion","timestamp":1693161959,"contentapp":"forums","contenttype":"forums","contentclass":"forums_Topic","contentid":475226,"contentcommentid":2951956,"quoteHtml":"\n\t\t\t<p>\n\tIf not a mobile, then clear the following from \"Local Storage\" (screenshot from Firefox, developer tools accessible via Ctrl + Shift + I)\n</p>\n\n<p>\n\t<a href=\"//content.invisioncic.com/a319035/monthly_2023_08/image.png.42536f603dc68c7e212a488794ed9384.png\" title=\"Enlarge image\" data-fileid=\"194971\" data-wrappedlink=\"\" data-ipslightbox=\"\" data-ipslightbox-group=\"undefined\"><img class=\"ipsImage ipsImage_thumbnailed\" data-fileid=\"194971\" data-ratio=\"42.25\" width=\"968\" alt=\"Could contain: File, Webpage, Page, Text\" data-src=\"//content.invisioncic.com/a319035/monthly_2023_08/image.png.42536f603dc68c7e212a488794ed9384.png\" src=\"//content.invisioncic.com/a319035/monthly_2023_08/image.png.42536f603dc68c7e212a488794ed9384.png\" style=\"height: auto;\" data-loaded=\"true\"></a></p>\n\n\n\t\t\t\n\t\t","button":"mq2951956","stack":["controllers.core.front.core.comment.ipscontroller39"]}} Local storage = 5MB Edit: actually, it might have moved up to be 10MB.
  16. If not a mobile, then clear the following from "Local Storage" (screenshot from Firefox, developer tools accessible via Ctrl + Shift + I)
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