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  1. All I read are some misplaced emotes which are overused. Less is more.
  2. It's due to SendGrid. Disable SendGrid and no errors will pop up.
  3. Ecommerce platforms make it possible real easy. If the IPS developers can make applications like they have already, then I'm sure CSV integration is a "simple" code. And I think more than a handful would be using this. Just because it hasn't been asked for much is not a reason to assume not many would use it.
  4. Crazy this hasn't been done yet or even had a reply from IPS.
  5. Hello Jackal, I'm running your Membershop system on my site and we use your credit/point system very effectively, so I'd like to thank you for that. we are having the following error. UnderflowException: lang_not_exists__mailsub__membersshop_notification_donate_donations (0) system/Email/Email.php(471): IPS\_Lang->get('mailsub__member...') Email/Outgoing/SendGrid.php(136): IPS\_Email->compileSubject(NULL, Object(IPS\Lang)) system/Notification/Notification.php(574): IPS\Email\Outgoing\_SendGrid->mergeAndSend(Array, NULL, NULL, Array, Object(IPS\Lang)) system/Notification/Notification.php(555): IPS\_Notification->sendEmails(Array, Array) applications/membersshop/modules/front/shop/main.php(296): IPS\_Notification->send() system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\membersshop\modules\front\shop\_main->donatepoints() applications/membersshop/modules/front/shop/main.php(25): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\membersshop\modules\front\shop\_main->execute() index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() {main}
  6. Oh yeah, I checked back and it now loads. Thanks anyway ! 😅
  7. When adding a link to the directory the miniature.io doesn't capture the thumbnail. Is that because the forum is still offline when adding a link or does the API need to be setup correctly to work? If so, how ?
    Purchased this theme and installed it. Crashes my Chrome Browser every time !!!
  8. How do you make the poster info on topic view to the left instead of top?
  9. File Name: Sleek Team Icons (Red) File Submitter: Cedric. File Submitted: 01 Feb 2012 File Category: Group Team Icons Professional, sleek and simple team icons. They are currently designed in red but can be edited through the PSD which is provided. If you buy these and would like to have a different color and text, please just contact me via here, http://forum-spark.com or fallen_fantasy@hotmail.com and I'll be happy to do them. :smile: Click here to download this file
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