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  1. No problem. Please tell when you have a link to see your app. Thanks.
  2. OK. Can we get link of website wich use Pickem app to see how it runs ? Thnaks.
  3. Hello @Midnight Modding. Can we see your Pickem App please ? Thanks.
  4. Where can We see your file ? This link doesn't work.
  5. The front end will be fine. Can we make like "Win, Loose and Draw" choices ? Thank you.
  6. Hello. Where can I see a demo of this add-on please ? Thank you.
  7. This kind of betting would be better for many websites asking for it. @TheJackal84, please lety us know if you're managing to make this kind of betting on the next update of your app. Thank you.
  8. Thank you. Does that add-on allow players to choose between "Win, Loose or Draw" for a game, without numerical odds for doing any bet.
  9. Hello @Mike John. Do you have news about this update I want to buy please ?
  10. Hello. Have you got a link where I can I see the demo of this add-on please ? Thank you.
  11. Hello Mike John. Can you tell us about this feature on your updated app please ? Also can you tell us about the possibility to get more than one team to choose for our favourites ones ? Many people supports more than only one team and it will be great to be able to show them also. I would say according to the teams names, it will be more simple to find. Thank you.
  12. Hello. Can you try to make your app run bettings as "Win" "Draw" "Loose" choices please ? I think it's a simpliest and nice usual way to make our betting polls. Thank you @TheJackal84 for nice work.
  13. Question back please.
  14. Confirmation, it will be very great to have this feature on your plugin. I've already told you that I buy it if you add this one feature. Knowing world of Communities, especially for Sport, I guarantee you that this is what we need for an essential plugin like yours wich unite members. So thanks for making it online.
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