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  1. Hello. Can we have fisrt post of the page on meta description of each topic page ? First page already have a meta description but not other pages. Thank you.
  2. Hello. To fix the unload listener, find and replace "unload" by "pagehide" or "visibilitychange" on your source file.
  3. I had quite the same problem. Reinstall the app.
  4. Thanks. Waiting to buy your app.
  5. Hello @Pete T. On your app, when I put an image with the PHP code fonction, the image disapears after a few days and the code of the image is replaced by a spacer.png image. How can I fix this problem please ? Thank you.
  6. Hello @Pete T. When I put an image in HTML, the code changes after a while to become a spacer.gif image code. Why that ? Can you fix this problem ? Thank you.
  7. Hello @Michael.J. You know, multiple teams choice is really needed in sport communities. It's been a while I'm asking you to make this available. Can you think about planing an update with multiple team choice like on phpBB please ? Thank you.
  8. Hello. While you are updating your mod, can you make multiple teams choice available in the same time ? It will be great. I need this and I will buy your mod. Thank you.
  9. Hello @Runar. I'm still looking for a plug-in which doeas that. Thank you.
  10. Hello @Pete T. I'm back with this request. Can you check to create it please ? Thank you.
  11. Hello. Is there any free plugin for this, like @Makoto's one ? Thank you.
  12. Hello. I'm looking for a Topic Post Stats plugin which displays the number of posts of each member participating on a topic. It was available by default on IPB older versions. Thank you.
  13. I put alt="{$topic->title}" and it works fine. Thank you @Michael.J.
  14. Do you know what to put instead of $row->mapped('title') @Michael.J ? Thank you.
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