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  1. Hello Mike John. Can you tell us about this feature on your updated app please ? Also can you tell us about the possibility to get more than one team to choose for our favourites ones ? Many people supports more than only one team and it will be great to be able to show them also. I would say according to the teams names, it will be more simple to find. Thank you.
  2. Hello. Can you try to make your app run bettings as "Win" "Draw" "Loose" choices please ? I think it's a simpliest and nice usual way to make our betting polls. Thank you @TheJackal84 for nice work.
  3. Confirmation, it will be very great to have this feature on your plugin. I've already told you that I buy it if you add this one feature. Knowing world of Communities, especially for Sport, I guarantee you that this is what we need for an essential plugin like yours wich unite members. So thanks for making it online.
  4. Hello. Can you allow multiple teams selection per member ? Thank you.
  5. OK. Can we get one wich is able to host videos ? I mean by uploading them. Thanks.
  6. No problem. Please just notice me when you update your plug-in, I'll buy it. Thank you.
  7. Does your app do like this ? Thank you.
  8. Thank you. What your app adds to the default one ? What are the differences please ?
  9. Can you manage to make it support many teams selection ? That would be nice.
  10. Hello. The file on archive are for 4.1 and 4.2. However I've installed 4.2 files but on the location to " Enter the name of the topic where the poll is lcoated. ", it won't accept my topic's name. So I can't make appear the poll block with that way.
  11. I didn't noticed that it was already compatible to 4.3. I'm getting it. Thank you @Mike John.
  12. Hello. We can allow groups to promote to social media. Can we moderate the content they choosed before allowing to promote it ? Thanks.
  13. Helle @Mike John. Refering to this picture, , I assume this is not possible yet. Are you able to make this allowed ? Thank you.
  14. There's no example for Upcoming Matches. Can we get some please ? Maybe that's the Upcoming Matches goal. Thank you.
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