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  1. Hello, Please can we have the ability to arrange fields under categories like we have in templates this can help alot with database with huge or long Forms and even can help with generating more organized form automatically rather than displaying a long list of fields
  2. love this template can we have Three Column template without First Featured and fixed hight for both record-image and record-content so they look symmetrical
  3. @Lindy any plans to improve this in ip.pages ?
  4. hopefully it will cover all use cases with all IPS apps
  5. Hi @Mark thank you for your replay one more wish i hope we have in IPS Framework can we also have easy, fluent and flexible query builder that we can easily use with models or general DB query example from laravel query builder https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/queries#introduction $users = DB::table('users') ->where('votes', '>=', 100) ->get(); $users = DB::table('users') ->where('votes', '<>', 100) ->get(); $users = DB::table('users') ->where('name', 'like', 'T%') ->get(); Model example $flights = App\Flight::where('active', 1) ->orderBy('name', 'desc') ->take(10) ->get(); they are easy to understand and work with you can chain as many methods as you want (specially all where methods) and execute it with the (get, all or first methods) and all models will have access to all methods to retrieve the desired results i think with rich and fluent query builder IPS team can save alot of time when dealing with models or DB query in all apps also maintenance and development will be easier and enjoyable
  6. i love the ACP part but when i'm in my IDE i really hate leaving and go to ACP just to create front or admin module or create new DB table or modify one etc. CLI can speed things up yah it is quite work for IPS team at first for the first release but updating it will require less time and such tools can save alot of development time i'm aware of the marketplace generator for the alias classes and dev folders but it would be awesome if it's maintained and developed by IPS and other Devs can create their own command based on it to ease their live when working with IPS code base model or controller dose not mean removing everything but simplify it IPS can split content and node controller into smaller specific classes that you can implement in your controller the more you implement the more feature you can have without duplicating your code by implementing Dependency injection or Service providers in the framework like other framework do the js third-party files form what i understand need to be placed in the interface folder in your app or you can not use them and recently the staff advise not to do so unless i'm missing something
  7. Hello, IPS great and include nice GUI to help developer to create nice apps but it would be flexible, powerful and easy if we can have some tools and few things simplified for developments Developer CLI can we please have developer cli something like https://github.com/symfony/console and include handful command something like generate development files from apps or plugin (rather than uploading new dev folder with each release just update the CLI when needed and make it available in the Marketplace) create new app or plugin generate template files generate controller or in IPS called modules (front-admin) generate models in the source folder generating database schema files or install files or upgrade files allow developer to extend the CLI to include their command can be shared in marketplace etc Simplify Controller can we please have one basecontroller to extend and if we need specific feature we can implement them what i see now we got (content controller and node controller and dispatcher controller) and for beginner it's confusing. Generalize and Simplify Model like controller can we have one base model to extend if we need specific feature we can implement them now we got Node Model that extend ActiveRecord and Content Model that also extend ActiveRecord and we also have Content Item Model that extend Content Model all node things are confusing for developers coming from other framework and can easily replaced with more flexible and powerful relationship like Eloquent Model in laravel https://laravel.com/docs/5.2/eloquent-relationships i know we can not compare IPS with other General Development Framework but they are easy to understand and easy to work with yet they got powerful features and with IPS4 we got promised that we will get modern framework Autoloading can you please consider removing underscore in front of classes name so our IDE can start supporting them without using alias class out of the box Third Party Packages when creating app or plugin can you make folder for JS third party packages that we can easily use the same goes for php it's not clear where to put them and autoload them Composer maybe this is too much to ask now but it is the most powerful thing to support specially for development for example when i create app or plugin i can require all third-party dependencies i need and easily install them and use them for productions or development environments and easily auto-loaded for other apps or plugin if they require the same package. Form Helpers make all helpers work in both admin and front some classes work only in admin side like the matrix form helper or the dynamic chart helper make it easy and straight forward to create custom form helper via plugins improve how pages app handle Input Type so we can easily create custom form input and easily use it in ip.pages Developer Portal one of the most important part that alwyes IPS delay implementing for IPS to attract more developers they need full up to date documentation with upgrade changes and release note for developer and easily be accessed by everyone we used to have documentation for v3 but when v4 was released all we got pdf file that explain the core things and never got updated to reflect the new changes or to point them out also when IPS release documentation something like the Documentation they never mention the version number the docs based on and we can not see the old document for older version if they got updated all we need something detailed and easy to follow and versioned based with upgrade and release notes something like https://laravel.com/docs/5.2 as you can see they got docs for 5.2 and 5.1 and 5.0 and all old docs even the new docs for the master branch that still in development with upgrade guide so developer can always be ready when the branch hit production i really love IPS and hope to see more improvements for developers and one day we can see it as one of the best framework out there and not only community script. if you have more Dev improvement or wishes share them and sorry if i miss or misunderstood any thing in the IPS since we need dev-Docs ASAP
  8. Hello, it would be awesome if we can easily promote contents in our sites from one section to another section IPS provide different app for different use like(forums, pages, gallery, download, chat etc) it would be amazing if we can promote Topics into articles in pages or Topic into Gallery or Topic into Download and vice versa also it would be fantastic if we can promote chat messages into Forum Topic or if user ask question in chat and got many answers we can promote it into Q&A with the answers this open the door for many use cases and add flexibility to transfer contents within IPS applications
  9. @Charles any plans on improving fields like Date field to handle both date and time and make it more flexible and powerful or make creating custom field for developer more easy and straight forward without breaking things when new versions get released
  10. if only we have good dev-portal including all official recourses with upgrading notes between versions
  11. i got the same issues with certain field type only. i can't use array as name of the field and thought i'm the only one.
  12. the problem with the current auto save in IPS 4 that it's only work on new post or topic or record but if you save it and edit it later to add more content to it the function never work and you can lose time and effort because of this limitation.
  13. thank you very much. mine work fine but can you pm your work to compare it with mine and see official implementations still is the best for everyone
  14. i really hope they implement it sooner now i have 1 site and 2 project i'm working on and soon i'll have more and all of them need DateTime Fields
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