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  1. @DawPi for the "Only users that follow me" option could that please include administrators/moderators like the last option. As an administrator I don't want to have to follow or log in as a user to see their profile/status updates etc and nor should I have to. Otherwise, I love this plugin and so do my users!!
  2. @TheJackal84 I'm getting this issue currently as well. I am running the most recent version (1.2.0).
  3. Would you mind adding a 30-60 second delay to the auto-response? As it stands since it sends the moment they submit the message it appears on page refresh of their PM. This makes the user navigate away from the page and never know there was a reply to the PM until they go to check it again. The delay would at least trigger the notification system.
  4. That must have been it. I assumed it would be on by default.
  5. Actually. Sorry @SoftwareFactory this fixed me attaching my account but username syncing from IPS to Discord isn't working at all (not talking about my account. I had my staff try it after they changed their name and their name isn't synced.
  6. Awesome thank you. Will there be a possible future update to disable name syncing on a per group basis? I want the people that support the site (my subscribers) to have the ability to have custom names.
  7. So the username sync is automatic? There is no setting to turn this on or off even on a per group basis? I want/need it as a thing but I need to allow like my patrons, who pay to be able to have unique names to still get that privilege.
  8. @SoftwareFactory I just purchased and I was hoping it would at least have the role and username syncing. It appears to have role syncing but no nickname syncing? Is that a coming feature? It's sort of a deal breaker for me with a mod like this.
    I wasn't exactly LOOKING for this app but I will say having a trello type thing on my site is such a god-send you have no idea. Instead of having to manage a trello and a site it's all in one and I don't have to make my volunteer staff go to a million places to to deal with my level of crazy. One of my favorite things is that @CodingJungle has been really accepting of feedback and ideas as well as getting bugs fixed in a timely manner. From stats to assignments this is quickly becoming one of my fave 3rd party apps out of the box. My staff love it and I'm able to better organize tasks so that they are easily found instead of a massive (seemingly unending) list in a topic. It gives my staff a sense of accomplishment to see that their card(s) are completed. Heck, I've even moved my bug tracker to this so that it's easier to manage based on my staff groups. If you like to be organized and would prefer people don't leave your site or have people that simply don't like to leave your site this is a great way to coordinate projects, get some of your to-do lists out of a thread and actually get some people completing them. I have to say, since I implemented this I've already seen an increase in completed tasks by my staff just because they can see their progress. Thanks for this!!
  9. Is there any way we can get some filtering on forums, groups and reactions? I have a significant amount of forums and some aren't relevant to the statistics (for example my information forums or my archives) and they take up larger statistics etc. I'd like to be able to exclude or specifically include only certain forums into the statistics. I'd like the same for things like groups. I have a default group everyone is in and a significant amount of members are still in that group however I would like to see more of my patrons instead of the group of people that have never reached a post count to save their life, I'd also like to exclude the bot and admin group. For reactions, since I've had this site for years, before reactions were introduced, I have this massive offset of our main reaction (used to be called Like) and that's only because there were YEARS of it being the only one available. I'd like to exclude it to get a better understanding of the other reactions I use on my site. Unfortunately as it stands the widgets are half useless for me and the only reason I purchased the mod because we have this rainbow plethora of things. I additionally think that maybe having an option of the type of item shown? Instead of leaving it exclusive to pie graphs possibly let the admin choose between a pie graph a bar graph or a line graph? I know those should all be options. Thanks. Just to help you understand why I feel they are a little useless as is for larger sites.
  10. The only thing I've ever used Advanced tags/prefixes for was the prefixes advancements. I like having a set of prefixes for a forum that I can color coordinate and require or suggest for my users. I liked the fact that you could sort of set them as categories on forums but they didn't filter by forum when you clicked on them so if the tag spanned multiple categories it showed all from that tag instead of all of that tag in that category/forum. Plus it never worked on grid view if you modified the span of the grid which was horribly annoying.
  11. Hey @TheJackal84 I just recently purchased this, trying to setup shop items and I keep getting a similar error to the above people where it says it can't locate it. Could you let me know how to fix it? Like this one:
  12. @WilsonPlays It is but it's currently only being released on my community RPG Initiative.
  13. So I figured I'd chime in here as far as a mechanical keyboard user as well as an avid gamer. First and foremost the only reason why gamers prefer mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards is because most membrane based keyboards are not able to register key presses in the same way and in fact ignore anything after the first 5 key presses until one is executed and also because a membrane keyboard cannot recognize two key presses at the same time. (You want proof play or read reviews on the game ALEA... The game is literally unplayable without a mechanical keyboard). That being said it's all about preference. ALL mechanical keyboards have the nice physical response that you would want. Think old age typewriter and that satisfying feel of the key hitting where it's supposed to. The "color" as it were is more for how loud it is less for the way it works. It does also mean how hard you have to press it etc but it's still a preference thing here. As a gamer I use the Razer Black Widow. They have custom mechanical keyboard key colors colors. I use Razer Greens which are basically Cherry MX Blue's (from my understanding). I'll be honest. I had went from a laptop to a desktop using a membrane keyboard and I swore to my boyfriend that I would hate a mechanical keyboard because 'Whoa is me' it would be so horrible. Once I got into my groove? No issues. In fact I type more accurately, faster and more happily. I have to look at my keyboard far less and I am happily annoying anyone else in the room. In fact my BF has to ask me to stop typing a lot of the times just to stop hearing the clickety clack. I definitely think their are advantages to mechanical keyboards. Namely: Physical key press response (and audible depending on the color you use/get). Ability for it to register all key presses, not a set amount. Ability to recognize 2+ key presses as being simultaneous. Are they for everyone? No. Will they help you in typing? Maybe.... To you @Midnight Modding as far as relearning how to type. I don't know if there is an instructional course. Really you just need to set your fingers over the four keys and start working on changing your standard methods. I recognize where my fingers go by the way they feel on my mechanical. I don't know of a course in the world that can teach you to go from two fingers to ten fingers without active thought put into it.
  14. @MikeChristopher I suggested that too:
  15. I'll be honest I don't have a preference either way. My site is too large for fluid view to really work (at least my main site). I doubt for my smaller site that it will be necessary either as I don't plan to have that many pinned topics.
  16. Similar to the new update to blogs I think that there should be a way for club owners to add a few of the mentioned widgets in my other post to their sidebar themselves that should above the existing sidebar for the section the person is in.
  17. So I find the club widgets lacking! I feel to really engage someone to participate in their club these widgets should be implemented. SO here I go to start to explain widgets that I think are needed: The Club activity should be a widget that you can drag and drop anywhere so you can have that on more than the club page. Who's online in my clubs. Similar to the who's online list but has a list of members online that are in the members clubs only. Possibly with the number of clubs they have in common in parenthesis afterward so they can know how many clubs they have in common. Gallery, blog, downloads etc widgets that will only show recent club items. With this I think that the member should have options on what clubs show up in these feeds from some clubs settings in their account settings. So if I'm a part of 30 clubs (for an example) but I really need to see what's new in 1-3 of them I can control that is all I see in these widgets. Yes I'm aware we can use an activity stream (which is fabulous) but I'm looking for something more in your face and (for images and whatnot) more visually appealing than an activity stream.
  18. It doesn't show the notifications of linked accounts on a parent account as there is no official parent child relationship as the person is looking for.
  19. O_O Wow the guides were updated. Looking nice.

  20. Being that IPB technically doesn't support multiple accounts this will not be core. You may want to see if a developer can do that for you @Hunter Holmes
  21. If you use the member search function (as @Hunter Holmes states) you can prune everyone fitting a certain criteria. You just have to make sure that you aren't deleting anyone valid.
  22. This is the same for any app @Vikestart I doubt they will change the functionality just for one app.
  23. I use it and it's amazing! I love it to death! Yes it's still perfectly functional in 4.2
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