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  1. File Name: (SOS31) Improve Next-Previous Issue links in IP.Tracker v1.0.0 File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 30 Jan 2011 File Updated: 31 Jan 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins Just like IP.Seo makes in IP.Board, this hook will show the issue name in issues links instead of Next Oldest and Next Newest, in issue view. Compatibility: IP.Board 3.1.4+ IP.Tracker 2.0.X Click here to download this file
  2. Done: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/331135-download-sos31-iptracker-new-issues-on-watched-projects-v200/
  3. File Name: (SOS31) IP.Tracker New Issues on Watched Projects v2.0.0 File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 29 Jan 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will show a sidebar block with last 5 issues on IP.Tracker's watched projects. If the user didn't watch any project, nothing is showed. Compatibility: IP.Board 3.1.4+IP.Tracker 2.0.X Click here to download this file
  4. You can change its title in Look & Feel -> Language Manager -> your language. Search for "Recent Topics" and type what you want.
  5. But it's based on moderator's permission! If the moderator has no permission to close or move topics, this option won't appear.
  6. The beginning: To do: Show the user name Severity of the issue
  7. I will update it... If I have some time today, I'll install IP.T 2.0.0 and will try, if it already doesn't have some hook like that on Tracker package.
  8. It will messes up, of course, if you add video there! COMMENTS are made for COMMENTS! I understand COMMENT for SHORT texts... not a Bible or big images or videos! After all, if the hook it's not good enough for you, just UNINSTALL IT!
  9. If you see my and others screenshots, you'll notice more than 1 emoticon!
  10. As you can see on in all screenshots I posted, it works for me. If it doesn't work for you in 3.1.4 and in default skin, sorry but I can't do anything about it 'cause it works for me all the times I install it in all 3.1.X series... as it works for other users. Installed again in my board! No problem: http://forum.sosinvision.com.br/
  11. File Name: (SOS31) Emoticons and BBCodes in Members Profile Comments v1.0.0 File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 23 Jan 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will allow to use Emoticons and BBCodes in members profile comments. ps: tested only in IP.Board 3.1.4. Click here to download this file
  12. File reuploaded and rested in localhost and in my online 3.1.4 board: I don't know your IP.Board version but it was made and tested only in 3.1.4.
  13. The HTML text is old, from a 3.0.0 hook! Just upload the XML and you're done.
  14. File Name: (SOS31) Emoticons in Members Statuses v1.1.0 File Submitter: Adriano Faria File Submitted: 21 Jan 2011 File Updated: 22 Jan 2011 File Category: Hooks and Plugins This hook will allow to use Emoticons in members statuses. Click here to download this file
  15. Sure don't. Mine extends the posting class in one way; Elad do the same in his way. Mine is free, his don't. I don't have and won't buy it... so, since you bought from him, you can ask him to adjust his hook to make something similar...
  16. Other suggestion in RC: assign a staff member to a report. OR at least change methods in that class so we can hook there... they are all PRIVATE today!
  17. Yes, that I know! Did you use 1.0.0 ? 1.1.0 ? Or the first version, from D-Scripting (IP.Board 2.X) ? If you are not sure, please send your boardIndexTemplate via PM for me.
  18. Did you use the old version ? If so, you need to go to your template and click in REVERT button to remove the edit template required... that's why it's showing twice.
  19. Open admin\sources\classes\member\status.php and find in _parseContent method: return $content; Change to: return IPSText::truncate( $content, 30 ); Change 30 to a number you prefer...
  20. Done. Just waiting to be approved: [url=" OR http://invisionfocus.com/files/file/292-sos31-find-my-content-in-board-top-v100/
  21. Good idea. Just made it for 3.1.X: When you click, will open MY CONTENT search in "View all topics XXX has started" option. Will post in a few minutes. :)
  22. Excellent, very good! :thumbsup: The only problem I see is GENDER custom field! It's shows the value stored in database, not the text option:
  23. Yes, saw that... I will wait for IPB 3.2.0 to make this app from the scratch.
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