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  1. I tend to disagree: sometimes you don't really know how long certain event would take, so it is better to leave it open-ended. That definitely doesn't mean it will take whole day. And overall point of this post is NOT to request a change. Point is to request API support for capabilities WebUI provides, so that things could be automated. So please don't change anything unless it is absolutely necessary. That's why, if it's possible, I'd rather welcome the option of CLONING events (creating exact copies with different start datetime).
  2. Hey, Although Support likes to call this a "new feature", what I described below isn't a new feature, but rather showcase of incomplete one. Calendar Event creation/edit endpoints are very lacking in following areas: In WebGUI there is a possibility of selecting "All Day event" toggle, when you don't provide "End Date". In API, that isn't possible, thus you have to provide End Date, which isn't something we want to do in many situations. SOLUTION: We should have "all_day" parameter in API. In WebGUI there is a possibility of attaching a header banner image to events. API doesn't enable that, as a result we get stuck we ugly default image. POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Enable this in API as well. QUESTION: Is it possible to select a default banner image for albums, or for any content across Suite? Having one would also be useful. In WebGUI putting 0 (zero) as RSVP limit enables us to get rid of "Maybe" option. Zero value is mis-handled in API - it is converted to "-1" automatically. PLEASE FIX! In WebGUI it is possible to attach Gallery Album to Event. Need the same in API as well. PLEASE ADD! Even if all this isn't feasible to add: In WebGUI it is possible to "Add Similar Event" (cloning an event), there is no API endpoint for a similar operation. PLEASE ADD ONE if fixing all above can't be done quickly, or at all. Thanks!
  3. I don't understand how this topic reached the point of 8 versions of images - but the only thing I care about is showing thumbs on Album view. The same way it is done in Album-list screen. Simpl
  4. @bfarber, @Matt etc: You guys know we are wasting money on bandwidth because of this issue, right? 4.4 is out, yet the problem remains :(
  5. I am Commander Shepard and I ... argh, joking 🙂 Ignore it.
  6. I will be very short with my report: A - Gallery category album listing OR Gallery homepage : THUMBNAILS ARE OK! B - Album View, instead thumbnails we have real size images : NOT OK Please fix this in the next release. Thanks! P.S.: This situation has nothing to do with themes. Default theme has the same problem. P.P.S.: Images are from lodgeofsorceresses.com
  7. And possibility to disable MAYBE option in RSVPs please.
  8. I use default theme for admin cp.
  9. And you guys broke Members filter in Admin CP!!!
  10. is coding Audith CMS codename Persephone [fully IPB and Converge supporting]

  11. When I enter Guidelines into the text editor, all new-lines get removed - although Guidelines page of board itself shows the text as it should. In short, I lose my original edit, which is frustrating...
  12. Oops, wrong alarm :) Forgot to update $INFO['mysql_tbl_type'] variable in my conf file. Please ignore the topic.
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