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Notifications are lagging

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We have an issue with notifications (bell on the site) are lagging. There is a new message in the topic, the topic is highlighted in bold. The user already read it, but the notification to the list comes later. 

I do not know how and whether it is related to our email notifications issue. But users have started to complain around the time we have started to get timeout error in email logs.

I am trying to understand who is “responsible” for this:

  • our server that is too slow to deliver notifications
  • any settings in IPS I have made or overseen that can throttle notifications
  • IPS not able to handle large number of notifications at once 
  • slow AWS SMTP connection (if related to another issue) 

Any idea? Thank you!

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1 minute ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Are you running cron for tasks at all?

Yes, cron is set and configure to run every minute.

2 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

check to see if you have any errors being returned

No errors in system logs. Tasks are neither blocked nor failed in AdminCP logs.

The only recurring error I can see is failed email notifications (timeout) for the topics with large number of followers. That's why I think it could be related. However, this is about notification list and not emails. I am not sure if they depend on each other in some way.

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13 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Its very very likely related, yes. If its timing out, its probably sat on that process for a while, then once it times out its sending the other notification.


I hope there will be a solution for sending out notifications via SMTP in large communities. 🤞

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