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Firefox doesn't change topics in Activity after having read them

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Made the last update to 4.7.16 a few days ago and all seems to work fine, but users complain about firefox and the activity streams.

Using "All Acitivity" you click on a thread, read it in the same tab and go back to "All Activity" - with firefox all looks the same, the thread is still bold, but with safari it's narrow.
Using "Unread Content" the same way - with firefox all looks the same, but with safari it's gone.

Funny about that is using firefox here at ivisioncommunity.com it works as it should. Same as safari does.

We have MySQL still at 5.7 and PHP still at 8.0, but i don't think that makes any difference. A Redis Cache could maybe, but i don't know how.

Emptied all cache in "Get Support", but no difference to see.

Any ideas anyone? 🙂 


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Been there done that. In this case it doesn't change anything.

I tried it myself and with a fresh installed latest firefox i see the same behaviour on my site, but not on yours here. So my suggestion is, that it is either caused by any difference between cloud and classic edition or by my Apache or PHP settings.

I would very much appreciate any idea about finding the reason, because i have absolutely not the slightest idea where to start looking. 🙏

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2 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Disable redis and check in that case. There is no difference in this on cloud and classic

Been there done that too 😉

And it showed no difference at all.

Thanks for the no difference hint. Does this magic work with ajax?

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3 minutes ago, peter.schaefer said:

Does this magic work with ajax?

The initial items on the page (first ~25 items) are not AJAX but each subsequent load of activity is AJAX.

If this is happening in one browser but not another, this sounds like a browser configuration or browser cache settings rule. If you use CloudFlare, server configuration to set caching headers, or anything else, this may be causing issues with Firefox. If you really want to find this, you will want to simplify your configuration. If you are able to separate your testing to a test site on a different server or separate configuration, that may help you.

It could also even be a browser bug or oddity from Firefox (they have been having a lot lately). 

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I appreciate the hints. Thanks.

What makes me wonder is that Safari, Chrome and Opera doesn't show it and Firefox doesn't show it here. But what do i know?
My main profession is sewing mechanics and see those strange things very often. 😂

I will try to figure it out and come back with a solution or some dumb questions. 😉 

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