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Converted Forum to Invision Images do not display.

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Hello, I  had my dev convert our Vbulletin 4 forum to Invision Community on the 1st of January. For the most part things seem to be fine baring a few items I will be posting about in the future.

One such issue is that any image that we linked to the forum no longer displays.
Could contain: Person, Face, Head, Publication, Book

On the old forum the image would load. The only way to fix this other than going in manually? I set the option in admin CP to allow http: links as well.



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15 minutes ago, JSensation said:

Hello, thank you for the replay. if the external images where to be https: would that make any difference? Is there any other action I can take other than going in manually?

If they were https:// they'd be displayed inline as expected, however that's something you would need to do prior to the conversion. At this point, fixing them manually would be your only solution.

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