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Giphy going premium or with ads in December!

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I'm sure once we didn't have to create a Giphy account and it was a case of just switching it active in admin?

Either way, it looks like they are going the SDK route with ads now (I haven't looked yet if this will code into the theme, etc) OR going premium via the usual API billed annually at an amazing price of just $120 per month!

Will these end the whole Giphy integration with IPB?

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Thanks @Jim M It was sent via email, and although I haven't clicked the Google form link (I'll remove it from the post) all the other links match up to their website.


Thank you for partnering with GIPHY and for using our API! Our growing developer community continues to showcase the best and most innovative ways to use animated content across the internet.   


We want to let you know that GIPHY is making some changes to our current business model to support the future of our developer products. Building and maintaining our developer tools — such as our API and SDK — demands substantial infrastructure and human capital to source, curate, and moderate all of the awesome content on the site. 


You will have two options to choose from:

  1. GIPHY Pro: 

    • Premium access to GIPHY’s API, which includes: 

      • Ad-Free experience

      • Dedicated 24/7 dev support

      • Full library access (GIFs, Stickers, Clips, Emoji, etc.) 

  2. GIPHY SDK: 

    • Continued free access to our services via our SDK, which includes:

      • Access to GIFs and Stickers

      • Sponsored content via GIPHY Ads  


If you choose GIPHY Pro, the services will be billed annually at $120 per month. To get set-up with GIPHY Pro click <link removed>. If you decide that you would like to keep free access, we will need you to integrate our SDK (instructions can be found here).

Please let me know by December 15th, 2023 whether you would like to use Pro or our SDK! 





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I've been looking into this more. Indeed Lydia is head at Giphy and the links go to the website. But, using a Google form and the daylight robbery amount of $120 a month to add gifs, makes me think this is probably some sort of scam message.

Plus, using an email reply to confirm the option? Imagine all the replies and the man-hours to process this.

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Hey there,
Hope all is well! 
GIPHY Support forwarded your email re: our two products we are offering, please let me know if you have any questions re: GIPHY Pro and the GIPHY SDK. 
Chat soon!
via Schitt's Creek on GIPHY
Lydia Getachew
Director of Business Development

It's legit!

Wondering now if the SDK will be easy to build in and what sort of display the ads will show. It may have to be deactivated completely depending on the ad frequency.

@Marc Stridgen @Jim M It may be possible that I have received this as our forum has hit some kind of limit on the number of gifs being shown (it gets used a lot) so will reply and confirm that with them if I can.


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Am just coming back to update this topic.

As I thought, our forum has been contacted because we have hit some kind of limit on GIF bandwidth with Giphy and now we can either pay a fortune for a premium account or run an SDK via Giphy with adverts. I am very surprised others haven't been contacted yet.

Remember, all gifs on older posts will still be using Giphy bandwidth, and over time as more get added, that will build up; before you know it, you will either have to pay or try and work out how to add the SDK to Invision and have the pleasure of running Giphy ads.

I'm still in talks with them but looks like am going to have to deactivate it.

This is something to keep in mind if you have it running on your forum, and also something for Invision to bear in mind with IPB 5 down the line. If it is something forum owners are going to have to deactivate later on, it might not be worth even having it running in the first place.

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Seems like a lot of work and not sure if possible.

The easiest way going forward is just deactivate the function so it isn't using the API and just tell users to embed via Giphy. I tried Tenor but that doesn't seem to embed. In fact, maybe Giphy won't embed if deactivated.

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