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[4.7.14] Upgrading from 4.7.13 or earlier version doesn't remove the twitter_hashtag setting

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Version 4.7.14 adds 1 new setting and removes 2 others:

    "added": [
    "edited": [],
    "removed": [


The mp_onboard_complete setting is removed in the \applications\core\setup\upg_107720\queries.json file:

    "8": {
        "method": "delete",
        "params": [
                "conf_app=? AND conf_key=?",


The twitter_hashtag setting is instead left so that the upgrade.php script in the same folder can copy the value into the new x_hashtag one (step2). However, once the copy is done, the old twitter_hashtag setting is not deleted from the database.

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Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! I can confirm this should be further reviewed and I have logged an internal bug report for our development team to investigate and address as necessary, in a future maintenance release.


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