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Manual Backup in cPanel

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Hiya Guys

Using a self-hosted version here on an InMotion VPS. What is the best way for me to take a manual backup of just my invision install (not wordpress) using cPanel please? Would it be 

Download the whole DB via FTP
Download the whole file structure of my invision install via FTP?

Or is there a better way to do it please?

Only plugin I have is SSO.


I want to upgrade but want to back up before I do that.


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2 hours ago, 15Degrees said:

I don't want to also take backup of WordPress only my invision installation so wondered what is the best way to do a selective backup. 

After you go to the Backup section in your cPanel, click the Select Partial Backup link and from there select the Mysql Databases option. That will display all the databases that you have created. Select only the database that you have used to install your Ipb forum from the list and that should do it. 

If you don't know the name of your forum 's database you can get it from the conf_global.php file. sql_database is what holds the database name.

That is if you have used separate databases for your forum and Wordpress. If you have installed both of them in the same database go to the database in question and after clicking the Export button, unselect the wordpress tables. 

That was for manual backups. You can also set up automated backups through the Cron section at your cPanel.

A word of advice, if I may, it's best to always check the backup afterwards to make sure that it has been done properly and it's not corrupted. 

If you have SSH or Telnet access to your site, you can also back up your database via SSH or Telnet. 

Whereas to make a backup of the forum files, you can do it either through a Ftp program or the File Manager section at your cPanel. Either method will do. The later is quicker and more efficient imo.

Hope it helps. 

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