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Mass disabled emails how to fix?

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Long story short, Sparkpost stopped working for a few days (CC was hacked and got blocked)... in the meantimes, almost every email address of my members were flagged as "disabled"

Could contain: Chart, Pie Chart

and users see this:

Could contain: Page, Text, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware


My sparkpost account is now re-established, but users still get this message and I see now way in the AdminCP to mass correct this??!?

What could I do to fix this? (I'm on a cloud subscription).





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On 8/27/2023 at 8:37 AM, Jim M said:

Mail Bouncer is a third party application which you're using. You will want to contact the author for assistance.

I'm sorry I forgot it was a 3rd party, thought it was the integrated mail bouncer feature.

Which begs the question, if its integrated in the cloud offering, why pay for a 3rd party!?

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