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Reaction-Based Achievement Rules Not Working Correctly

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I have a Rule set in my community that hands out a particular Achievement Badge whenever a user receives a negative Reaction on their content:

Could contain: Page, Text, File

I have the negative Reaction ("Bad Quality Post") listed here:

Could contain: Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware, Text

It is the only Reaction I have on my community that hands out a negative rep (all others are either positive or neutral).

However, some users have been receiving this 'Tough Crowd' badge incorrectly, for random Reactions:

Could contain: Text

Any idea what could be causing it?

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16 hours ago, Jim M said:

Was the rule deleted? I am not seeing it present or have this user attributed to that rule.

No, it's still on file. It's listed in Admin CP > Members > Achievements > Rules and it's on the second page in the list. ID for the rule is 26. It should still be enabled as well.

It's also attributed to User 46952 in Admin CP, it's the second item in the list when viewing Admin CP > Members > Members > User 46952 > Manage Badges.

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