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[BUG] Providers filters are broken

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The filters for the Providers list are broken: https://invisioncommunity.com/third-party/providers/


Here's a list of issues:

  1. If you filter by Theme Design it shows only 4 results instead of 20.
  2. If you filter by Plugin Programming it shows only 6 results instead of 21.
  3. If you filter by Complex App Programming it shows only 5 results instead of 16.
  4. If you filter by Data Conversion it shows only 5 results instead of 21.
  5. If you filter by External Integrations it shows only 5 results instead of 17.
  6. If you filter by Long Term Projects it shows only 5 results instead of 25.
  7. If you filter by Pages CMS it shows only 4 results instead of 21.
  8. If you filter by Community Managers it shows only 2 results instead of 7.
    • The filter also says Community Managers (plural) while the profiles' badge is Community Manager (singular).
  9. If you filter by IPS Legacy Upgrades it says there are no results, when it should show 7 profiles instead.
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