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Question about deprecation of Q&A Boards


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We are heavily using the "Voting System" for the Questions & Answers forum mode to vote on user-submitted guides (see example attachment) for my community.  Does Invision Community 5 have a way to do this?  Or is there a way to rate topics, sort by topic rating, and such?

Or is there an Invision Community module (either already in 4 that's going to stay in 5) that I'm overlooking that already supports posting items that can be rated and sorted by ratings like this?

Our "using the questions mode" has always felt a "bit hackey" since the non-questions mode never supported upvoting (we don't want downvotes) topics like this, but we have about 250 user-submitted guides (and about 5,000 posts between them all) that we are trying to easily rank.

I guess my question is, if you're deprecating the Q&A section noting that it's been moved into the main threads, does that mean the rest of the Q&A section will work in the board such as voting? We definitely utilize voting on questions right now which only seems to work in the Q&A mode. I would be very happy if it just worked like that in regular threads too.  Actually, I would be happier if we could just vote on threads like the current Q&A mode works without it having to be Q&A 🙂



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