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    As usual, @Adriano Fariahas created another vital plugin that should have already been part of the Invision Community suite. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    Just tossing out another callout to @Tom Irons, hoping for a 4.5.x update 🙂
  2. I just purchased this for my forum, but I'm not using version 4.5 yet (I'm on 4.4). I tried to select the latest version from the change log (the only one that appeared was from December 1, 2019) and tried downloading it, and apparently it wasn't found. Could I get a copy of the 4.4 version?
  3. I just have one quick question about this. What happens when someone does delete their account? It looks like their posts remain, but is their username replaced with "Guest" on the forum, allowing them to essentially "anonymize" the username attached with the post?
  4. There was nothing in the log, but I got it working-- it was really strange. Re-reading my comment, I'm not sure how well I stated the problem. We have a board called "Contact Box" with the option "Users can see topics posted by other users?" disabled so members can post topics without other non-staff members seeing it: If a guest fills out Contact Us, it doesn't post in the board, it simply fails. It's worth noting that they do get a message that their message has been sent off, it just doesn't seem to actually send it off. I was looking at the permissions for Contact Box, and the checkbox for "See Forum" is actually greyed out for Guests, so I wonder if it's a hard block on the Invision Community Software: What we did as a workaround, which does seem to work, is to modify "Contact Box" to have "Users can see topics posted by other users?" enabled, and then go into permissions and prevent everyone (members, guests, etc) from seeing the board while still allowing everyone (including guests) to post topics in the board. It's hard to see, but note the first column (which is "See Forum") is not grayed out after enabling that option: Now, anything filled out by a guest automatically gets posted to this second board. Is this just something weird happening to me, or is the plugin able to post to a board with "Users can see topics posted by other users?" disabled, as a guest for you? It's working now, though it would be nice to allow members to see only their topics in this board again if the option were to arise. Thanks again for this great plugin!
  5. Hello, I recently got this for my forum but I ran into a bit of an issue. We have it configured to create a topic when someone fills out the form, and while it creates a new topic when a member fills out Contact Us, it doesn't seem to create the new topic when a guest does. If possible, it would be nice to bypass permissions when creating this topic (so it can be made in a board that guests -- or anyone but staff -- could view), but we've even tried it on boards where guests have the ability to post. Please let me know if you have any questions! Pleeb
  6. Currently, if someone uploads an avatar that has transparency (e.g. a .png), the avatar has a white border around it, regardless of the avatar being a circle or square in the theme. My current workaround, is just putting the following in custom.css: .ipsUserPhoto { background: transparent; } It would be nice when editing the default theme through the frontend editor, we could just go to the "Custom" tab and tick a "Transparent Photos" option; alternatively, support transparency by default. This seems to be how square vs round avatars are handled: I would like to keep Invision Community has vanilla as possible, and having the option to simply enable transparent avatars through the theme's frontend would be pretty nice.
    This is by far the most important plugin on the marketplace for me, and its existence is the reason why I purchased an Invision Community license. I was searching for a new forum software for my community, and due to the specific nature of that community we really -- really -- needed to utilize a Linked Accounts / Post As plugin. For me, it was basically make or break. Finding this, along with the support that the creator has provided with keeping it working after upgrades and fixing bugs drove it home. Honestly? If the author asked for it, I would even pay a renewal every 6 months to support the plugin creator. Thank you for this!
    I love this theme! It's incredibly slick and responsive. We were looking for a theme that wouldn't require any upkeep on our part (our previous theme was totally customized and we had to do so many rewrites every time there was an upgrade). Well, I just upgraded to and it worked without a hitch. Looking forward to using this for years to come.
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