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2 issues regarding Polls

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  1. Polls are left behind when you uninstall an application.
  2. To make life easier, core_polls should have a "class" column or any way to identify the source, like core_follow has (follow_app and follow_area), that would make easier to list only polls from an specific app or even to delete them when uninstalling an app.


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Adding one more issue to the Polls.

It seems I'm required to use Clubs in my apps in order to make polls work. Although there's a condition n \IPS\Content\Item::getPoll() to check if you're in a club, I got on my app without use Club trait:


Error thrown with message "Call to undefined method IPS\staffappsystem\Category::club()"

#13 Error in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Content\Item.php:8462
#12 IPS\Content\_Item:getPoll in C:\wamp64\www\47x\applications\staffappsystem\sources\Applicationrecord\Applicationrecord.php:1034
#11 IPS\staffappsystem\_Applicationrecord:getPoll in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Content\Item.php:5440
#10 IPS\Content\_Item:canCommentReview in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Content\Item.php:5317
#9 IPS\Content\_Item:canComment in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Content\Item.php:4678
#8 IPS\Content\_Item:commentForm in C:\Windows\Temp\the93F.tmp:161
#7 IPS\Theme\theme_staffappsystem_front_view_comments in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Theme\Dev\Template.php:171
#6 IPS\Theme\Dev\_Template:__call in C:\wamp64\www\47x\applications\staffappsystem\sources\Applicationrecord\Applicationrecord.php:213
#5 IPS\staffappsystem\_Applicationrecord:positionViewTabs in C:\wamp64\www\47x\applications\staffappsystem\modules\front\general\view.php:45
#4 IPS\staffappsystem\modules\front\general\_view:manage in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Dispatcher\Controller.php:118
#3 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Content\Controller.php:50
#2 IPS\Content\_Controller:execute in C:\wamp64\www\47x\applications\staffappsystem\modules\front\general\view.php:37
#1 IPS\staffappsystem\modules\front\general\_view:execute in C:\wamp64\www\47x\system\Dispatcher\Dispatcher.php:153
#0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in C:\wamp64\www\47x\index.php:13

Once I add the Club trait in my container model, everything works.

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  • Solution

Just a quick update to let you know that this issue was resolved in the recent 4.7.8 release of our platform. Please upgrade your site to resolve this issue. If you are still seeing any issues after upgrading to this version, please let us know.

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