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Move blog posts to another category?


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So, the incredible confusing blog post category categories is whole mystery in its own and is just confusing, not only to me but also for readers. This is the reason I have decided to move all my blog posts from 6 different blogs into one blog and use the categories instead. It's the only way to manage a blog that have hundreds of categories, remove/limit the category and use tags instead. I still cannot understand why this was implemented in the first place and even when implemented it was poorly done and is not improved.

This leads to my question. When moving blog posts you can choose which blog to move to but not which category? If this is so I need to further question the functionality of this... Feature. Do I seriously have to go through hundreds of blog posts one by one and manually set the category and at the same time change the creation date since it automatically sets the edit date and don't keep the creation date?

Please consider dramatically change how categories work or remove this half done attempt of a feature no one asked for.

PS. Sorry for the passive aggressive post, it's just really frustrating having to deal with these kind of features.

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Please keep in mind that the Blogs application is designed to allow for a community to Blog, not necessarily one individual (or voice). This could be where your confusion is stemming. For example, our Blog here, is based on our Pages application as it is us issuing Blogs, not the community creating multiple blogs.

Therefore, when using the Blogs application, you can categorize the Blogs which your users can create and then the user can then categorize each entry. 

40 minutes ago, Sirmadsen said:

When moving blog posts you can choose which blog to move to but not which category?

You would need to edit the blog to change the category as each category is specific to the blog. I'm afraid, there is no mass move tool as this

Could contain: Page, Text

However, just doing a move, it appears that it sets this as empty so there may need to be some internal discussion here how to handle that or make it more user friendly.

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