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Cant change /blogs/ in friendly urls

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It's an unfortunate limitation of the system.

It is possible to change this by editing the core files, but this is not endorsed by IC, and could mean that they don't provide technical support should something go wrong with your site.

If you'd like to go ahead, you have to edit /applications/blogs/data/furl.json, changing the value of topLevel to whatever you want. (You can do the same with the other apps too, navingating to the correct folder from /applications.)

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It will also mean needing to manually make the change with every upgrade/update as IPB will override any modifications with a default/clean version. It will also mean that the ACP complains about modified files. 

Again… not the end of the world, but just making sure you know the impact. It might be worthwhile if this is important to check with a 3rd party resource developer to see if this could be put into a plugin. It would preserve the changes between upgrades and not cause any many disruptions. 

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