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It would be great if it was possible to edit the page shown during the update. It's a small thing, but it would certainly be better if it would be possible to display there our logo + information that it's a scheduled technical break and we invite you to visit our blog or social media during this time. I know it's a mechanism detached from the whole system, but on Wordpress it's possible to do something like that and it works great (it's done through a separate maintenance.php file).

In my opinion, the current template does not look very good for the user who will then enter the site (especially when this message is only in english).


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1 minute ago, My Sharona said:

System > Settings > General Configuration  -> Site Online  -> Offline Message  -> Upgrade > Reverse

This message is only displayed while the community is offline.  It is not displayed during an upgrade.  While the site is being upgraded, you would have to set the constants.php variable noted by Matt.

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