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Upgrade test site from to 4.7.3 beta 3

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I face PHP8 Compatibility Scanner error about one app "Ideas" and one plugin "SortBy Most Reactions", it already disable after the upgrade, when I tried to uninstall the app "Ideas" simply the site will go off:

"This page isn’t working ********.tv is currently unable to handle this request.

Plugin			Mismatching parameter list 	\IPS\forums\Topic::getItemsWithPermission()	N/A		/plugins/sortbymostreactions/hooks/topicSource.php:117	/applications/forums/sources/Topic/Topic.php:311
Application	Ideas	Mismatching parameter list 	\IPS\ideas\Idea::getItemsWithPermission()	N/A		/applications/ideas/sources/Idea/Idea.php:456		/system/Content/Item.php:2947

Thanks in advance.

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