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Option for post thumbnails to display in a row


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My Forum is quite image heavy, with members posting photos of their prop building progress. Given that most images only need to be viewed by others at a small scale, I use thumbnails within posts. If anyone needs more detail, they can expand the thumbnail into lightbox, but generally, having thumbnails keeps everything tidy, preventing image heavy posts from taking up acres of space.

However, there has been one thorn in my side for at least the last six years... the fact that if photos are attached but not manually placed (by the poster), they are positioned by default in a vertical column, which takes up space and looks really untidy...

Could contain: Word, Page, Text, File

I then have to edit the post and remove all the returns to get the thumbnails to display in a (more pleasing and) compact row...

Could contain: Beverage, Drink, Text, Alcohol

As you can see, rows take up much less space and are far easier on the eye.

Would it be possible, at some point, to add in an option to choose how thumbnails run, within a post? This would save me hours of editing.

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For years I use a workaround by editing a theme template:

core > global > editor > attachedImage > remove the <p> tag at the beginning and at the end:

<p><a href="<fileStore.core_Attachment>/{$url}" ..... alt="{$title}"></a></p>

EDIT: The change will apply to the new content only. Old posts still need to be manually edited.


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