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The Cute Cat Conundrum

Joel R

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So I just discovered something on my IP.Board, which will affect anyone who uploads photos to their posts (which I'm assuming is pretty much everyone at some point).  Apparently, the editor in IP.Board will use a vertical layout as default display of image attachments.

In other words, if you do not manually add the image into your post, the editor will vertically parse these images.  

I have a problem with that.  I call it the cute cat conundrum: that while I love cute cats, I want the cuteness bundled together in a horizontal layout for maximum cuteness so it doesn't take up too much space.  Kittens are only cute when they're all together.  I certainly DONT want the cats stretching on and on, which will remind me of their incessant breeding capabilities.

Just to prove my point, here are 99 photos of cute cats that were left as uploaded images and not manually added into the post.  

♥ Kittens ♥_5664760321_s.jpg

2 Kittens_500651889_s.jpg


A nice lynx portait_8972417746_s.jpg

Aaaargh, she's got a camera!_6174750566_s.jpg

Allie - Living Room Portrait_6903177298_s.jpg

And if you go chasing rabbits_6056579016_s.jpg

April's kitten_7830559348_s.jpg

Attentive kitty!_3218672242_s.jpg

Because the view is nice_168487867_s.jpg

Black and white fluffy cat_4216369204_s.jpg

blue eyes_5820595170_s.jpg

Bruno - Shiny ;)_9049103720_s.jpg


Cally, my little ray of sunshine on a rainy day_6520348105_s.jpg

cat no13 -Peek a Boo_70817122_s.jpg

cat no18 - ha_55915927_s.jpg

Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and_7765050482_s.jpg



Curiosity Did What_354512712_s.jpg


Cute cats, great picture_16051012273_s.jpg

Cute winking kitten!_6147416186_s.jpg

Dreaming!by Eleni_3532280966_s.jpg

Eye Protection_5871161102_s.jpg


gatos 3_92866698_s.jpg

Generic Internet Cat Photo_15410576268_s.jpg

Got Hugs _7614821622_s.jpg

Greetings for Easter to all my flickr friends !_5645243647_s.jpg

Happy Caturday !_14093679712_s.jpg

Happy Caturday (Saturday) To all Flickr Friends !_5795335425_s.jpg

Happy foot_7060010393_s.jpg

Happy reallyyyyy Furry Friday !_4646534006_s.jpg

Happy Sunday to all !!!_6087161462_s.jpg

his spot_9804484265_s.jpg

Idefix  Posing_10931713814_s.jpg


I'm a bit hot! {explored}_8984588177_s.jpg

I'm a Kitten , being Cute is my job !!!_4647795322_s.jpg


Is that a spider I see up there_145269819_s.jpg

isn't she lovely_6425938771_s.jpg

Kitty on the floor_6149819691_s.jpg

Lilou  50mm f18_6079499389_s.jpg

Longing Eyes_42255444_s.jpg

Love grows in hearts, not uteruses_8412144250_s.jpg


Lying Oskar_8296458517_s.jpg

Mack & Tosh_2879411496_s.jpg

Maria close-up_318893627_s.jpg

Maruska ♡♡_6619126115_s.jpg


Miradas profundas_14823798712_s.jpg

My Cute as a Kitten Look_4608153829_s.jpg

My cute girl Lucy __,,,^_^,,,___13563830713_s.jpg

My cute Puki_6122945589_s.jpg

My Kitties_811012197_s.jpg

Nap time_146236125_s.jpg

no pics, please!_8710362013_s.jpg

Oh my, are you calling ME cute_177308836_s.jpg

Oh no! There's a cat on my bed !_1517787131_s.jpg

Orange cat in the sun_3323244843_s.jpg

Oskar posing at sunset_11213487666_s.jpg

Perfect iris_146234006_s.jpg

pick me up_14396483750_s.jpg

Pitchi Ipnotizzatore_3145311288_s.jpg

Playing cubs_5114255560_s.jpg


Purr Miau_6447333913_s.jpg

Ragnificent Ragdolls - Cute kitten #3 April 2010 - Shadow_4628547824_s.jpg

Rum Tum Tugger_5296068691_s.jpg

Sand cat looking at me_9136156161_s.jpg

Sitting and attentive_3382204644_s.jpg


So cute_5595868643_s.jpg

Stanley - looks like the cat that  got the_6817802108_s.jpg

Stanley (black and white version)_16008836669_s.jpg

Stanley + Harry + Bruno showing what to do at_8480606169_s.jpg

Stanley just posing_8812582353_s.jpg



Stella the Tiny One_16228827007_s.jpg

Take Another Photo I Dare You_16278606946_s.jpg


The cutest thing I've ever seen_4820734646_s.jpg

Toletta quotidiana_3754824644_s.jpg

travessant la paret del llagrimal_10573729334_s.jpg

Ummmmmm Nom Nom Nom_3876407782_s.jpg


Very cute_15729455953_s.jpg

who, me_4842670507_s.jpg

Why So Cute, Little One_4598074787_s.jpg

Wild kitty_3551189653_s.jpg


www [two cute kittens] com_4027758562_s.jpg

Young kitties are already rough!_6148638770_s.jpg

غمض عيونك_2319903051_s.jpg

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Cuteness overload!

yea i see what your saying,

so ideally specified placements would be where you placed them. 

then un-placed images should be some kind of "smart grid" heck even a "pinterest" style grid style

or perhaps even an something like this http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7481-latest-updated-files/

but inline attached to that users post. 

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The app Gallery should be taking over here .. for every picture posted wherever on the site .. group or single ..

LightBox can do it, I mean also the heavier lightbox version that can handle image bundles .. why not our app Gallery that can stick her nose into everything related with pictures .. then there is finally a clear view why members are using Gallery .. Members have already an "Album" = button "insert other media" > "insert excising attachment" .. why is this not related with Gallery ? ..



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