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WP + IPB admin-ajax.php issue

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Hello guys, im getting an error of admin-ajax.php on one of the plugin "chatbox+" ( me and the author of this plugin talked about this, and it seems the problem was on the WP side ) the WP and IPB sits on same root folder, the problem was when an open tab is open for more than an hour or days, it redirect to an error "ipb error 2S119/1", so anyone experience this error along side with WP?

this the error I found in the log

Could contain: Text, Word

this is the error we are getting

Could contain: Text, Face


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1 hour ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I will move this to our community support area, as this would be outside the scope of our standard support, being both 3rd party and redirection from another platform. Hopefully someone else will have come across this that can assist. 

THank you Marc

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Most likely tyhe CSRF key is getting regenerated at some point:

	 * Regenerate CSRF Key
	 * @return	void
	public function regenerateCsrfKey()
		$this->csrfKey = md5( \IPS\SUITE_UNIQUE_KEY . "&{$this->member->email}& " . ( $this->member->member_id ? $this->member->joined->getTimestamp() : 0 ) . '&' . $this->id );

While unique key, email, id, and joined timestamp don't change the session ID can change. When it does the csrfKey hash changes as well causing the error in your screenshot.

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