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Sort by date as default

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We got a question regarding our community.


A lot of our forums have the type “Questions”,  we noticed that after a recent update (we are not sure which) the default sorting for the topic is based on upvotes. For example this topic. Is there an option to get it back to sorting on date as default, while keeping the functionality that brings you to the newest comment.


Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards, 


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This has been the case for a long time when using a Q&A forum, as this is the intention of that forum type. It may be here that you are better to use a normal forum, and use "mark as solved" as an option for people to mark those. There is no way in which to change the order while retaining the Q&A forum.

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  • Mark H changed the title to Sort by date as default
On 4/23/2022 at 10:32 PM, teraßyte said:

@Thomas Hop If you're interested I have submitted to the marketplace a plugin that changes the default sorting for Questions-type forums. Just waiting for IPS to approve it:


(The plugin is already available on my site too, but you won't get the automatic marketplace updates with it.)

Thanks! This works great. 

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