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Can't save file to Downloads

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5 hours ago, Jim M said:

However, it completed and I was able to upload the screenshot then submit the file without issue. 

Did you "Save and submit files"? 

The issue will appear only after try to save and submit file.


Furst step.

Upload a file


Everything is fine - file uploaded



Then file information, tag and click"Save and submit files"



After all this steps You'll see this


and this will never end...


Try to save and submit file please, not just upload. 


Thank you. 

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On 11/7/2021 at 2:28 AM, Jim M said:

You will need to wait for the file to reach 100% uploaded in the top percentage progress bar. If you click save prior to that, it shouldn’t submit and direct you to the progress bar.


I click "save" only after file uploaded. And see that bug with never ending progress bar, which shows me 0% . 

Please, can you try to upload this file and save it in my community web-site ?  Not just uload, save it please in my "Downloads" plug in. You'll see a bug after you click "save and submit files" . 



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9 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

You have to await it saying "done" and your system also enforces tags to ensure you add a tag. As with my colleague, I could upload  no problem. Its just taking a long while to upload to your server


Thank you very much!

I had not written a description which is required. My mistake. Sorry. 

Edited by Andrey Gaponov
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