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After each major IPS release all of the developers are busy updating all of their existing marketplace and custom apps.  This particular release is all the more challenging as IPS and the developers need to ensure their code works with PHP 7.x and 8.x which adds to the complexity of coding and testing.

Most developers only have a few hours each week in which they can devote towards the marketplace as they have full-time jobs and many things that take up their time.  Also a handful of developers have left the marketplace in the past year or have had to deal with various personal issues that have prevented them from being available.

Most developers seem to be releasing updates with minimal additional functionality so I wouldn't be surprised if they will be busy again reviewing customer suggestions and releasing follow-up versions.  Things will settle down some in a few months after which time "some" of the developers might entertain doing custom projects.

The marketplace could benefit from a handful more developers but that's not such an easy thing as it requires a significant amount of time and effort to become sufficiently knowledgeable with the IPS codebase and programming environment as well as the cost of purchasing the suite and paying ongoing renewals. Selling 10 apps here and 20 apps there at 10 to 20 dollars isn't likely to be exceptionally enticing to join the marketplace.  

I would welcome the community and IPS to come together to make it more enticing for new marketplace developers and appreciating the efforts that the old-timers make on an ongoing basis.  



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