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4 hours ago, rnorth6920 said:

Thanks for developing this!  It works quite well.  Is there anyway we can maybe dial back the shadow when in dark mode?  And what about having the ability to add the link to switch to the top of the mobile view instead of having to access the hamburger menu?  



the app for the most part uses your own theme's style, try go to the theme you use and in custom.css add

.toggle-slot {
	box-shadow: none;

if you want to change color then just modify your theme's --theme-page_background property,

note: this might be used elsewhere in your theme, if not you can do

:root {	
	--theme-page_background: whatever color you want;


i will think about additional menu location, i made this app for my own site

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12 minutes ago, rnorth6920 said:

Is there any way to prevent this app from affecting other themes? When I enable this it shows up on all themes, not just the light and dark I specify for the actual switch. 

It will only show up on the two themes you chose, you might have same issue reported by other member

which I have an updated version pending, PM you the file you can try

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9 hours ago, leonovich_J said:

@Eudemon Hello, when switching a theme, the page just refreshes and nothing happens, how to solve the problem.



6 hours ago, steel51 said:

It's the same here, themes are configured in settings, it works excacty for one time, then same behaviour. I deactivated it for now... 

A fix version is pending approval, it usually take IPS few days to look at them

in the meanwhile, I will pm you the file directly

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