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Is it possible to block a country completely?

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Seconding this idea. We leverage Cloudflare page rules for this. You might consider blocking registrations from a particular country, or redirecting registrations from another country to another process that helps weed out the spam.

Simply block or redirect /register and/or /login from your points of origin of interest. You may find that the problematic traffic is only from certain ASNs within a specific country and can be more selective with your rules than the entire country.

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14 hours ago, AlexWebsites said:

Are you using cloudflare or other? That's the easiest way. I run all my sites through cloudflare these days.


I am using the cloud based version of hosting - so no idea how invision sets this up.  If I self hosted, I would indeed use cloudflare.

I am not happy to pay extra. This should be included as standard. I do not want chinese traffic, period.  It's ALL spam.. 

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