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  1. Is it possible to post all new threads on a forum to a specific twitter account? I looked into site promotion but this seems to be to allow users to login via twitter. Not what I want : I want the forum to auto - post new threads on twitter.
  2. So what is the conclusion to this? Are there any more planned steps to improve site speed further, particularly on mobile? Just upgraded to latest version myself. 😍
  3. I checked these instructions for manual ad placement.. https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/monetization/internal-advertising-r57/#advanced I have to say, there is so much prior knowledge assumed. How can a non programmer who doesn't know code work out where to put the code, or even what to write, to display an ad exactly where he wants. It makes no sense. Is there any way of placing an image ad on the forum in the header and footer postion, and preventing it from displaying in the checkout areas?
  4. EDIT : By the way, these are my own ads - image ads. I'm not using adsense or anything like that. Did that. Still showing unfortunately. But thanks for responding.
  5. Hi, I am showing ads on my forum, but there seems to be no way to turn them off on key pages, such as checkout pages. The last thing I want is for users to see the ads and potentially get distracted when they are in the process of buying something. Can you tell me if it's possible to hide them on checkout pages (for example) Thanks!
  6. It's live now and I note there has been no response. I was told by the support team they would address speed, but I see no mention here. Hell with it, I am gonna upgrade and see what happens.
  7. Responsive design isn't something a few people use : it's a universal requirement for any website. This is a daft and pointless argument and I'm getting bored of it, so I shall bow out.
  8. What about SEO? There will soon be ranking factors in June that the forum software is currently failing - especially speed on mobile. Will we see an announcement in our client area / ACP when the new version is available? I haven't seen anything.
  9. Whatever. I don't need to know the technicalities, and I would rather remove my testicles with a rusty spoon than learn about CSS. The point is modern websites should have responsive buttons, images ; this isn't even a debate. Here's an example of a website I own with large buttons. https://sugardaddyguru.com/seeking-arrangement-fake-profiles-are-they-really-an-issue/
  10. I have to say this is pretty crap. The fourm should automatically resize ; since it doesn't appear to, it's not mobile compatible. This is ancient technology ; we've had responsive websites for years. I shouldn't have to bugger about trying to get the EXACT dimensions for every possible permutation. Very poor indeed.
  11. Thanks man this is absolutely perfect. I have bookmarked it for future reference!
  12. You the man dude! I thought it was related to opening in new window, but didn't know how to turn it off. It's working now! Great!
  13. Hey I actually tried that...But it keeps re-adding it! It must be a setting in the theme somewhere..
  14. No he didn't, but you just did. Thanks so much. Is there any way to adjust the colour and font size with a bit of code? That is really helpful - much appreciated.
  15. You don't want to help, you just want to lord it over others on a forum. Stupid.
  16. I have enabled "source" Can you please just write out in plain text what I need to insert into a post in order to add a button which is clickable. Is there any way I can change the colour and make it larger? I am not a coder and you guys seem to assume prior knowledge. I have a rough idea what an <a> tag is but not sure how to construct it properly to incorporate this code. Please actually type it so I don't need to copy from an image - hope this is OK and should be simpler for you.
  17. I'm using adblocker plus, and it's blocking ALL of my affiliate links on my forum. Example : To be fair, it does this on Youtube too when you enter links in the description of videos. Needless to say this is far from ideal. I note when you use wordpress the links still work, at least when you embed them in a button. And yes, I have tested and confirmed this, and I am sure. Example : So is there any way around this?? It has the potential to kill monetisation on your sites.
  18. Uh oh. I just looked at the page with the buttons on using my mobile..It is literally the worlds most ridiculous looking button! Not responsive at all. Look at this mess (bottom of the image for the unobservant) Does anyone know how to fix this? It looks ridiculous.. Yes, I know I can make the button smaller, but then it looks absurd on desktop, lost and alone amongst the text and the rest of the post. The whole point of a button is it's supposed to stand out.
  19. It doesn't work. It asks what file I want to upload. Is the code even correct? It would be great if you could actually describe what needs to be done instead of assuming prior knowledge. Thanks.
  20. Again, how? How do you access this menu? Need to explain the antecedent step(s) - I cannot just guess it.
  21. In a post of my choice . It will be a button and do what a button does. How? I see these instructions but they are as clear as mud. 😄
  22. I'd like to add a customisable HTML button using the invision community forum software. I have googled it, but there are no simple instructions on how to do it. Can you tell me please? Thanks.
  23. I have submitted these URLs for revalidation. Upon advice from support, I will await the results. I have tried to delete this thread, but am unable to do so. Please feel free to delete, and apologies for wasting your time.
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