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Migration help needed

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Hi There,

I'm planning to migrate a live site to a new server due to centos upgrade.

I intend to transfer live site first to new server and use it as a test url so I can further update IPS 4.5 version and see what all pitfalls I face.

Just tried the test migration today and cpanel transfer tool stuck at 19% with tons of warning. What are these, please help?

And also I like to know if there is any more steps I need to do before preparing for transferring live site?

file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_Wysiwyg_krq4d9m9j_20156ebf78a688a54cdb78a50dcfa267.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_fcontentWidget_uiaunx4nk_e5b96c8c300f824de17b52c35aa17dea.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_members_8z7vj5gl6_7f554e21cee017bb1efa62cc993cf94e.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_stats_ssk7o6x40_067d570ea819ecd34b4a881eec4874f7.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_topContributors_83x1eo01v_96d2f544ee6772515a8aaba3879db5ca.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_topContributors_cuwr1ycq5_0784fe17eadca9770d9ec2806c8ea39f.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_topicFeed_73z0no6wc_a513a2d1d218d5b18595c9a179e6a820.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_upcomingEvents_4vvm5gr5k_698d588128dee16c7493c6a1fc734fea.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_upcomingEvents_bebuxuexn_23097ace61417095b693413b3804fe7f.7c5219f40d.php"
file has vanished: "/home/XXXXXXX/public_html/XXXXXXX.com/datastore/widget_upcomingEvents_hkwdz8qvg_89da185da564ad8ad693d844fafaba3b.7c5219f40d.php"
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What is a cPanel transfer tool? Some sort of cPanel thing to move your site between servers with cPanel installed?

Consider using rsync: https://rsync.samba.org/

If you are making a copy of your production install, remember that your install sometimes e-mails members. You probably don't want your test site e-mailing real people. You can set a constant in your constants.php file on your test server to stop e-mails from being sent.

You'll also want to make sure your mysql user/password for your test environment does not have permission to access your production environment. Use a different database name and different database user to be extra certain.

If you have file storage outside of your local server, remember to have separate test/production instances. Don't run them on the same server or chroot if possible.

Pay extra close attention to anything that could alter something for the other environment or bad things will happen. It's best to have completely separate servers.

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2 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Don't copy the contents of the datastore folder.. it is dynamic content, rebuilt as and when needed. Leave it alone.

Thanks @Nathan ExplosionI didnt choose anything to be selected or unelected, its cpanel transfer tool doing it by default.

Any clue on how to by pass it?

Secondly if I bypass it, will it rebuild again?

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56 minutes ago, Gauravk said:

What is error_log file for 9.5GB but no system or email log shown in ACP?

What is in the file? Have you looked at the contents of it?

error_log is a common name for web server logs, yet 9.5 GB is huge. You may want to examine the end of the file (try something like tail -100 error_log to see the last 100 lines).

It could be anything really.

I would isolate it and inspect it.

No idea what the zip file is. Something that you or someone else put in that path somehow. Where are these files on your filesystem? Are they within your web root (in relation to where conf_global.php resides)?

Final note, if it is a web server log, make sure you have something like logrotate setup so that your error/access logs don't get unwieldly. If you do have those things setup and you are seeing files that large reflective of a single day, something else is likely up.

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