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[PAID REQUEST] More friendly URLs


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On 1/17/2021 at 10:43 AM, canalcripto said:

I need URLS like:
In forum: -domain.com/subforumName/threadTitle/
In blogs: domain.com/BlogcategoryName/PostTitle

And delete this and other extrange characters:


Delete the emojis in the URLs i think is easy.


Budget: 200-300$

I suggest you add an ID to your URL structure because you can have titles that are the same, and then you will have issues. Also, you may want to specify how to handle nesting of subforums (just add the last, or the whole chain).

As for the usage of emojis in titles and urls I suggest you consider the purpose as it will damage your SEO pretty badly. It should not be a problem sorting them out in the URL, but the search engines will still use them in the SERP listings...

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