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User account top bar not showing when checking out?


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On our site, when logged in, the account bar (notifications, PMs, Account Name) appears at the top of the page.

However, when a user purchases a product, the CHECKOUT page does not show the Account bar any longer.
Same if we're showing an internal page like /privacy or /terms, the Account bar doesn't show.

I checked this site (invisioncommunity.com) and find when I purchase a product, the checkout page DOES show the account bar.

Is there a theme setting or system setting that manages showing the account bar when in these pages?


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This is default behavior in the default theme with 4.5 (and earlier?). Here, they're using a customized theme from the default that behaves differently.

There is no setting to change this behavior, however you could install or create a custom theme that addresses this.

No idea why it is the way that it is, but confirming it's not just you.

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I appreciate the confirmation.

The header on all these pages looks very blank. And for internal pages like /privacy and /terms, I don't understand the benefit. The menu bar and account top bar both disappear for these pages leaving the user to only be able to go backward rather than navigate to the next item.

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