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Praise to IPS


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I am onboard with IPS for long, and here is my positive feedback on the current state of the nation:


- I love the strategy of moving from Pure forum to communities, with a tightly integrantes set of apps. This was a crucial move that allowed IPS to escape from the fierce competitivo on a shrinking market. As everybody knows, fóruns are disappearing, yet people are still getting together. This is why i prefer IPS package Over XF ir VB because there is a whole set of tightly packed tools to get my people collaborating.

- I love the new theme. "Oh it's too white" "oh só much white space"... For me it is definitely a great step forward. Is ir perfect? No, but it was definitely a major step forward!

- Integrations! We are not alone in the cyberspace, and there are many great apps and services out there. Integration with Zapier will be a major leap um interoperability and would allow IPS users to extract more value of their communities. I am looking forward to see IPS on Zapier, it os just taking too long.

- Support. Has been great. Thanks!



There is also less positive aspects, most related to pricing, business and evolution of the compromise with customers through time,  but now it is not the time to talk about that.

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Obviously IPS has their props vs others similar platforms, that is why we here. But is necessary hear feedback of none satisfied and critics from users or clients, because:

Company purpose is for clients, design purpose is for users, are working for users need. How many benefits a company taked from the users needs and feedbacks, this is something related the company header understands, vision and direction. 

We spend times to comment and give ours feedbacks, because we don't want the company forgive their purpose, if the company do good help and support to their clients, these clients continue growing, then the company grows together... So, if the clients are benefitted, then company benefited, I think this will be a cool direction for us. 

Just try to give my 5 cents

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