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Disable Downloads screenshots totally?

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I would like to remove screenshots from the Downloads. At least in one category, maybe in all.

When I asked before in another thread, it was stated you can disable screenshots in the category settings of Downloads, which is partly correct.

Indeed you can disable the function to add a screenshot to a download. However, still a default images is placed anyway (and I wonder why).

It's a black square with a camera in it (see screenshot). I don't want that in there, it's really no sight (doesn't look good at all) to have such image before all downloads.

Is it possible to also have this image not displayed, so only the text is visible and that black thing is gone?


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So there is no default way, that's a bit odd. I expected that if images could be disabled, then they really would be disabled and not that still some default image would be displayed.

I don't know any css. Any hint on how to disable spefically those images?

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It's on satellitefun.org to be seen.

Visible in the right side bar on the main page, top section when you click "downloads" and "zenderlijsten"

There are some images in category's which I still have images in, but the main idea is to have them removed in the "zenderlijsten" category, so where all those black images are now.

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