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How to Change Database Location?

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Hi all,

I've migrated my MySQL database to it's own dedicated database server and want to point my website to the new location.

I've attempted to edit the conf_global.php to the new location, but when I do I get a generic 500 error on my website.

I have confirmed I am able to hit the database server just fine, and the migration worked without issue.


Once I revert the settings back, everything works as normal.. any ideas?

Was hoping this would be relatively simple.




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Not "Outside" access, but it's open internally yes. I migrated the Database to the other server just fine and testing connection worked without issue.

Is there anything else that needs to be updated, or should editing the conf_global.php file be all that I need to do?


I can install a clean instance of IP.Board in this manner and direct the location to my DB server successfully, so it appears that when I'm trying to update my DB location of an existing instance, it breaks things..

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