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What CDN are you using with IPS? Why?

CDN with IPS  

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I know that many of you use CDN on your websites. We are going to do a survey and opinions from your experience are appreciated.

Actually I am currently using Cloudflare and Cloudfront. But I akm testing Cloudfront in only one website. So I select Cloudflare.

Why Cloudflare?

  • Price
  • Include WAF
  • Acceptable support.

Why am I testing Cloudfront?

  • I expected better performance in Cloudflare. I want to compare.
  • I want to test te Cloudfront configuration for a possible future migration of other websites.
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It's a shame that cloudfront is more expensive than Cloudflare, because these days, on cloudflare websites I sometimes notice a slow load of up to 5-7 seconds and at the same time in websites that I have through Cloudfront load immediately, and they are all on the same server.
I currently have 1Tb of monthly transfer, which would imply an expense of 85 USD in Coudfront.

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I got the best results with the old EdgeCast (now Verizon) CDN a few years ago, using their "small objects" variant.

I tried other ones, such as Cloudfront, CDN77, and Cloudflare.  At the time Cloudfront was good (not as good as EdgeCast, though), but it was the most expensive, due to the number of requests that are also paid.  CDN77 was not particularly good.  Cloudflare (free version) was the worse.

Since I moved to HTTPS, I stopped using CDNs completely (the costs were higher, and the benefits were lower, specially as my server supported HTTP2 and the CDN usually did not at the time).

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How does CloudFlare work for CDN? If my users or I upload images for example, CloudFlare does everything automatically after I set my name servers to there’s?


in other words my image URLs all stay the same as if I only had something like shared hosting?

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