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Keyword or acronym conversion

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Thanks, I had actually found it and was coming here to let you know.

Our problem is that we converted from vBulletin about a year ago. We had lots of people trolling and so we set up a system where there trolling links were automatically converted to a link into our forum.

We are just now suddenly realising that despite the fact that we converted, none of those conversions are now working so they are all leading outside to the trolling websites.

Although I've now configured new keywords, none of them act retrospectively.

I'm a bit surprised about this. With a very large forum such as ours – almost 5 million posts – we really need something to be able to go back and process everything rather than just deal with new occurrences.

What I'm looking for is something which will convert link XXX (an external link) into link yyy.  At the moment, you can put your mouse over a link and then press the link/chain sign in the editor and it comes up with the underlying external link which we want to get rid of. How can we get rid of those? We need to do automatically because we don't even know where they all are

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No.  They don't operate retrospectively. and it hasn't been addressed by Invision.

We do use the Keywords tooltips application and that can be configured to get around the problem but it's not ideal for that purpose.  It's just a workaround  and I'm worried about its compatibility with the forthcoming Invision release.

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