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Ranks not related to post count?

Kimberly Daniels

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Idk if you're looking for this to be automated based on something else, but on my board we use ranks as 'member titles' and people can request their own once they hit a certain level. To edit those manually, you just go to that member's profile in the ACP, and go down to 'profile data'. Rank should be at the very top of the things you're able to edit. 

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On 12/27/2019 at 9:23 AM, Kimberly Daniels said:

Is there any way to assign a user a rank that is not related to post count?   So some users could be "Generals"  and others could be "Admirals" or something? 

If it's manual, then you can always custom change the member title.  

If it's automated, then it is only tied to post count.  What else would you like it related to? 

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